Tuesday, September 30, 2008

crazy ass shoes

Perez has been all over fashion week on his page, and he's posted several things on some catwalk looks designed for south of the ankle.

Here P-Nasty talks about shoes at the Christian Dior show. I don't even know where to start with these.... so let's try the good stuff. 1. they're pink, and we all know how I feel about pink. 2. I actually kind of like the silver strappy parts on this. aaaaaaaaand we're done. As for the rest.... 1. they're SO scary high. I realize there are some people out there that can handle this, but I can't. 2. and this point really counts for 2-2048203423434. wtf is with that heel?!! As Perez pointed out, its like some weird prehistoric fertility goddess. WHYYYY would anyone want to rock that on their shoes?!

Here are crazy "shoes" #2. I use the term "shoes" here very, very loosely. WTF is this get-up? It's like some S&M set up for heels. These are beyond ridic. There's no way they could be worn out anywhere, since, ya know, your feet would get all fucked up and dirty. (Speaking of feet, what the hell is wrong with her toes?! they all look... broken and horribly misshaped.)

Honestly, I have no clue what the fuck the designers of these shoes were thinking. I realize runway fashion is like... different from daily wear, but still... this.... this is just wrong.

Celebrity Roundup

I found today less than inspiring in the world of celebrity gossip. Not that Perez and hot slut Michael K didn't entertain me, I just didn't find much that would overcome my extreme sense of laziness. So today's roundup is just about Cougar Sharon Stone.

I feel like it was just the other day I was reading stories that she had lost custody of her 8 yr old adopted son. Then, 2 min. later, I was reading that it wasn't true. Today, there was another story that said she had asked a judge to move her son from his father's house to her house. Judge said hellz no, and stated Roan would stay with dad. Court docs revealed that the Cougar is a little... weird when it comes to her son and often overreacts when it comes to medical issues (or lack thereof, as she apparently thinks he has stuff that he doesn't).

This is my favorite part of the story - she also wanted to botox her son's feet in order to take care of an odor problem. Dad's common sense suggestion of "wear socks whenever you wear shoes" seemed to do the trick just fine, and there was no need for the toxic injections (shocking!).

Sharon was given one weekend a month and Christmas visitation.

So wrong... yet so funny....

Ashley sent me this, and I couldn't stop laughing. It pains me to post it here, because the site is run by Vah Tek Chokies, but I think it makes a good point. Al's days are numbered.

So sad

When I heard about this story on Sunday, I found it heartbreaking : (

Tampa Bay kicker Matt Bryant found his three month old son, Matthew Tryson, dead at home on Wednesday, and he buried him in Texas on Saturday. It will take several weeks before he and his wife find out what happenend. He didn't practice all week, and the coach left it up to him whether or not he would play in their game Sunday vs Green Bay.

Matt decided to play, and kicked three field goals to help the Bucs win the game. He was awarded with the game ball by the team.

"The biggest thing for me, I wanted to honor Tryson's name," Bryant said. "I mean, I don't think it was very fair for his life to end so short. This is the best way I believe I could get out and honor him. I miss him and wish he was here, but he was here with me. He helped out. Today was his day. It was all about Tryson for me. I talked with him, personally, in my head throughout the game. I just wanted to remind him that he's my baby boy and that he's with me all the time."

As difficult as this whole situation would be, I think the part I would struggle with the most is not knowing for WEEKS what had happened. I don't know how I would get through all that waiting, and you can't really start the healing process without knowing what happened. How tragically sad. My heart goes out to him and his family : (

**image and quotes from The Washington Post**

Monday, September 29, 2008

Celebrity Roundup

So, I have an (unhealthy?) obsession with bad celebrity gossip. Every day, I read dlisted and perez to find out what's going on in hollyweird. To get a little bit of mental exercise, I've decided that I'm going to make my own daily recap of the things I found funny/amusing/shocking/too good to be true. So welcome to the first installment of Celebrity Roundup.

(Also, to cover my ass, I'm going to post a link to where I got my story from. Feel free to read Michael K's biting commentary on these stories, as they're priceless.)

Ok... this story isn't from today, but I can't ignore it. Wino is... troubled. I seriously don't understand how this girl is still alive. I find it tragically sad, because she is so unbelievably talented. And she's just pissing it all away on drugs. I know I'm not alone in feeling that it will be really surprising if Amy is still with us to ring in 2009. And her parents - wtf is up with them? They constantly comment to the paps and press, and I believe her mom and sent "open letters" to various media outlets begging for her to clean up her ways, etc. Yet, at her wax figure unveiling, they were complete enablers and made 2038432434 different excuses for her absence, when we all know where she really was. And what's up with Blaaaaaaaaaaaaake repeatedly opting to stay in the clinker rather than going home? Does he owe some dealer money and is afraid to leave? I guess that's a whole different story....

The only thing you can really say about this is EWWWWWWWWWWWWWAH. While celebrating the birthday of that troll* she's dating (*I'm using Michael K's term for him, because it's just so fitting... and Michael K is one hott slut), he was apparently chugging too much champagne and tequila. He got sick very suddenly, and his only course of action was the THROW UP ON JANET. Again, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAH.

How much does Rumor look like Ashlee Simpson here? When I first saw the picture, I thought the story was going to be about Ashlee, Pete, and their little emo baby. The only thing that gave away who this was is that distinctive chin. Speaking of which, how unfortunate is poor Rumor? Her mom is gorgeous, and Bruce isn't bad looking. But somehow... when that gene pool combined, things just didn't work out. I'm still.... baffled that she made People's Sexiest People list.

There's apparently a Brit sex tape from her time with that sketchy Adnan guy. He claims it's 2 hrs long and is from their little getaway to Mexico a while back. All Brit's wearing in the tape is that busted pink wig of hers. Isn't this old news? I feel like we heard this back when she first started getting better and Adnan was suddenly out of the picture.

She was at Macy's in NYC with that ridiculously hott man she's married to plugging their fragrances over the weekend. She was rocking these thigh-high PVC boots that cost $6000 (!!!!) . Aside from the astronomical price, these boots HAVE NO HEELS. Honestly - how do you walk like that without falling over? I can see at first (sorta) where you just stay up on your toes or whatev. But wouldn't you get tired (quickly?)?? How can you sustain walking around on those? For $6000, I wouldn't want shoes that were that much work. But hey, that's just me.

I'm not going to lie. Back in the day, Tom Cruise was hot as shit. Top Gun? YUMMO! But lately.... I think Scientology has gotten to him just a bit. It all started with the couch jumping on Momma O's show, and it's just been downhill quickly from there. I feel like Katie has aged 20842349324 yrs in the year they've been married. What bothers me the most (and what Michael K points out here), is that Tom can NEVER let Katie walk on her own. If they're together, he's holding on to her. But I never get that warm fuzzy "awww... they've been married for a while and still hold hands" sense from it. It's like he's trying to keep her from running away, or trying to remind her that he still has control, or something freaky along those lines. I find it very unsettling.

Oprah on heroin

Haha... ok. It's not how it sounds. She's not on smack - but her show today is about heroin addicts.

The first story was about a family of five from Ohio. Both mom and dad are addicted to heroin. Dad had a very profitable job (he said he would make between $80,000 and $115,000 per year) until he hurt his back at work. His doctor prescribed various pain killers (Oxycontin was one... I can't remember what the other was), which became less and less effective, and were (obviously) addictive. He made the switch to heroin because 1. it was cheaper and 2. it was a lot stronger. I'm not sure how his wife got involved in all this, but I imagine when you live with an addict it's easy to get sucked in. They have two teen-aged sons who are also addicted to heroin. One of the sons said he remembers the first time he saw his parents shoot up, and he used to think they were "throwing their life away" and wanted them to quit. Well, no surprise, they're now in the same boat as their parents. The family lives in a shelter, and dad has sold all of their possessions for drugs. He said he has stolen things, and he's occasionally gotten an odd job here or there to help pay for his habit. In the last year, he said he's spent between $30,000 and $40,000 on heroin. I think he shares with his wife, but I don't know if this total includes her habit, or if she's bought stuff on her own. He said that he does not provide drugs for his sons, so that total doesn't include their use. Dad and Mom also have a 13 month old child. Oprah found four different treatment centers willing to take each family member, as long as they all called on their own and did so in 24 hrs. All four of them said they wanted the help.

Story #2 is about a young mom named Merry (her spelling, not mine) who is 5 months pregnant with a little girl. She used multiple times a day, and she had to get up at 4 am because she would wake up from starting to sick from withdrawal. She's destroyed almost all of her veins, and she has trouble finding a place to shoot up. She did go to a detox center and as of the shows taping, she'd been clean for 2 wks. Her mom said this was the 5th time she had gone through detox. Oprah found a residential rehab facility that this girl can go to.

Don't get me wrong - I feel for all of these people and their families. I think it's tragically sad and I completely get the cycle of pain pills leading to street drugs, and I understand that heroin is especially hard to detox from. What angers me about these two stories is the kids. That first family - WHY do they still have custody of their three children? They're living in a shelter, so there are people around to witness what's going on. How can NO ONE call CPS to step in until the parents can get their shit sorted out? This has led to their two older sons becoming addicts, and who knows what kind of care that baby gets. The treatment center willing to take the mom said she could bring the baby with her. I hope that's on the condition of if she leaves, they're calling to make sure that baby is safe. The story about Merry was a little better, as her mom said she has had custody of the 4 yr old girl since she was 1 1/2. I can't help but wonder what's going to happen to the baby Merry's carrying, though, as she's 1. had to detox from heroin along with her mom 2. is on whatever Rx replacement pill they put Merry on and 3. has all the issues that come along with a pregnant mom who smokes. I just can't believe that these people are allowed to retain custody of their kids when they can't even manage their own lives. I think Merry would still have custody of her 4 yr old girl if her mom wasn't there to step in.

I find this whole thing very fucked up, and I'm very upset by it.

Vacation Package - Deal or Dud?

So a few weeks ago (ish), Texas got a thing in the mail about some vacation package. He called me for my opinion, and I said I would have to look at it when I got home. He decided to call before I could look at anything, and ended up purchasing this thing. I remained very... skeptical... about this, as things that sound too good to be true usually are. We got the paperwork in the mail the other day, and I'm struggling to find the small print that makes all of this a crappy deal.

I'm not sure what he paid, but for that price, we get:

1. Hotels for 3 nights in South Florida and 2 nights in Orlando, and a 2 night Caribbean cruise to Nassau, Bahamas. While on this Florida trip, we get complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets and a rental car. We also got a book full of coupons for stuff to do in these areas.

2. 3 nights hotel stay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

3. 2 nights hotel stay in: Williamsburg, Va; Las Vegas, Nv; Big Island, Hi; Gatlinburg, Tn; Hilton Head, SC; Branson, Mo; Massanutten, Va; Berkshire, Ma; San Diego, Ca; Palm Springs, Ca; Lake Tahoe, Nv; Daytona Beach, Fl. --> that's 12 different places

The deal is only the hotel, so we have to pay to get there, but that means we can extend any trip (like to Puerto Vallarta and Hawaii, because I'm not going all that way for just 2 or 3 nights). When we got the information, I quickly poured through everything trying to find the fine print. The only "bad" thing I could find was a small black out window of mid December-early January, and race week in Daytona is blacked out. Other than that, I can't find anything wrong with this, which.... confuses me.

All-in-all, I'm beginning to think this may be a good deal? And I'm starting to get really geeked up and excited about some of these trips. Last night I did some research on the Big Island of Hawaii, and it seems cool as shit. I researched Puerto Vallarta when he first told me about all of this, and it seems pretty awesome, too. Most of the places listed in point #3 would make for fun weekend getaways (especially the few we can drive to), and several of them have pretty cool stuff to do.

Is there something I'm missing here?

more tv fun

So I finally got around to watching the premier for Grey's Anatomy over the weekend. I'm not going to lie - I was really geeked up and excited about this. I thought last season's finale was great, and I couldn't wait to see what was happening next. And the previews had me even more excited.

I'm not going to go as far as to say I was disappointed with the show, but.... I was a little let down that nothing in the previews was actually part of the show.

1. McDreamy was not in a car accident, and Meredith had no reason to be freaking out and screaming.

2. McDreamy did not really ask Meredith to marry him.

3. Rose is not preggo.

4. Alex and Izzy aren't getting it on, and Alex is the same asshole he's always been.

There was also no mention of McDreamy and Meredith's study that killed so many people last season. If memory serves, they were going to be shut down if they didn't have a success - and they did. That saved that adorable girl. That was a huge part of every episode at the end of last season, and that's when they were killing everyone. They save someone, and suddenly no one wants/needs this help? I find that..... weird.

All that being said, I'm hopeful for a good season! What I'm less excited about is Desperate Housewives.

(hott transition there, huh?)

Last season had a great end where they suddenly jumped 5 yrs into the future and everything was very, very different. While I enjoyed that, I'm NOT enjoying starting off this season 5 yrs into the future and constantly wondering WTF IS GOING ON?! I feel like everyone has completely changed and I don't understand what's going on. Also, the biggest thing I have an issue with is Lynette's twins. There is NO WAY they are 16... there is no way they were 11 last season. I'm a little confused as to how the universe managed to age them faster than everyone else on the show.

I'm definitely less excited about Desperate Housewives after last night. I'm going to stick with it, but mostly because it's integral to my Sunday night routine. Hopefully it'll get better.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

How 'Bout Them REDSKINS!

Hail Victory!
Braves on the warpath!
FIGHT! For old DC!

Run or pass and score
We want a lot more.
Beat 'em, swamp 'em TOUCHDOWN!
Let the points soar.
Fight on fight on
'Til you have won!
Sons of Washington!

Who is the best team in the NFL? I must have heard everyone wrong before the game - because it's clearly NOT the Cowgirls!

GO SKINS, BABY!! Bring on the Eagles!



Dallas week culminates this afternoon with the greatest rivalry (in my opinion) in the NFL. I hate Dallas - always have - because I was raised right! (Odd, since my mom is a HUGE bandwagoning Dallas fan.) I hate Dallas so much that it physically hurts me that a former 'Hoo (that I know and used to drink with!) plays for them.

All week I've been reading Chris Cooley's blog, and he's been talking about how revved up all the players are. He's gotten me all excited (hahaha... which is normal, but it's usually for different reasons) about this game and I think we can win!

LETS GO SKINS!!! BEAT THE COWGIRLS!'s hoping yesterday's football fiasco doesn't carry over into today.

and you thought you were having a bad day

The other day, I came across this little gem on dlisted. I know weird, wacky things happen in hospitals all the time, but this ... well.... wow.

This story is crazy!

A 61 yr old man goes into the hospital for a circumcision that's part of a treatment plan for some medical issue he's having. He wakes up from surgery and notices a hell of a lot more than his foreskin is missing - the doctor took his entire penis. According to the doctor, while he was poking around removing the turtleneck, he found cancer and decided to remove the entire penis without talking to this poor man. How exactly does this mental conversation (or actual converesation with the nurses and other doctors in the operating room) go? "Well, I'm here to perform what really boils down to minor cosmetic surgery, but damn. Something funky is going on here. I think I'll just lop this whole thing off. I don't think this guy will miss it." I obviously don't have a penis, so I have no first hand experience with this, but I feel like guys are really attached to theirs. How can you just take someone's penis? Obviously, this guy is suing about 2034823434 different people over this.

hahahahaha. makes your day a little better, huh? "Damn... UVA got rocked by fucking DOOK. How embarrassing. But hey, at least no one cut off a boob without telling me first."

A good cause

On a much different note....

I was at my mom's store for a while tonight while they participated in a charity event. My mom has been connected with ConKerr Cancer for a while now. It's this great organization that makes pillowcases for sick kids in the hospital. The kids get to pick which one they want at the beginning of their hospital stay, and they get to keep them forever. It really brightens the kids up, and adds some fun and color to otherwise bland and sterile hospital rooms.

Their website is and there are lots of ways to help - so if you're like me and you have no idea how to make a pillow case, it's ok : )

Saturday, September 27, 2008

there are no words

Well, somehow that ended up being worse that I ever thought it could have been. Not only was that Dook's first win over an ACC team in 26 games (!!!), but they beat us by 28 points.


are they serious?!

The brilliant people at PETA sent a letter to Ben and Jerry's asking them to replace the cow's milk they use in their delicious ice cream products with human breast milk. They apparently got the idea from some restaurant in Switzerland that is using breast milk in some of their soups, stews, and sauces.

Ok... are they serious?! How do you say this to someone with a straight face and expect to be taken seriously? I have several issues with this.... and I'm not really sure where to start. I'll try to organize my thoughts as best as possible.


2. Where is this Swiss joint getting all this breast milk? Which leads to the logical question of where would Ben and Jerry's get it? They make a lot of ice cream... so that's a lot of milk. Part of PETA's thing is that the cows aren't treated well - they're basically knocked up every 9 months so they keep producing milk, and they're forced to give way more than a baby cow would actually use. They also say that people are the only animals that drink the milk of another species, which they feel is weird and obviously against nature... or something like that. So... lets say we get rid of all the cow farms. How are we going to replace all that milk with people milk? With people farms? Where we knock women up and attach them to breast pumps? How is this a better situation? It's ok to do this to women, but not to cows?

3. Again, EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAH! We're talking about juice squeezed from a person here (bonus points if you know where that quote comes from). Yes, milk is juice squeezed from a cow... but we're all used to that and it's "normal," and obviously I don't think about it when I'm drinking the delicious goodness.

4. Since the idea of people farms brought up in point #2 clearly would never happen (unless human trafficking changes from the sex trade to the milk trade... or maybe some harmonious blend of the two?), I again ask where would all this milk come from? People donating to the community? This raises all kinds of health concerns for me. All kinds of stuff can spread through breast milk - disease, drugs, funky tastes from food that was eaten... there's no way all that could be regulated. I think this goes against the PETA claim that it would be healthier than cow milk. (Yes, I know lots of people/groups have raised concerns about hormones, antibiotics, etc, being injected into cows and getting into the milk.... so you tree hugging granolas out there can spare me the comments.) And seriously - where is that restaurant getting its milk? Is there some knocked up chick or new mom sitting back in the kitchen just squeezing stuff out every few hours?

5. I saw an ad on PETA's page that claims milk is bad for kids. I went to the website listed on the ad (, and it makes these seemingly outrageous claims that completely contradict everything we've ever been told about milk. Example - we've all been told 2038234343082334 times to drink milk for healthy bones. This website states, however, that milk may actually cause osteoporosis. I find that claim... suspect. Until 5 minutes ago, everything I've ever heard or read, or been told by a doctor, is milk leads to good, strong bones. I drink a shit ton of milk, so ask me how my bones are in 40 years. The ad also states that milk is "linked to ear infections, colic, and diabetes." The phrase "linked to" raises several questions for me. The one thing I really remember from the stat classes I was forced to take in school was that people frequently incorrectly assume that correlation means causation. Simply having two things linked to each other really means jack shit. Kids could have ear infections for any number of reasons. Lots and lots of kids drink milk, so it's not surprising that there would be a statistically significant number of kids with ear infections that happen to drink milk. Does it mean the milk has anything to do with the ear infections? No. Most of what I've read on their page talks about specific reactions to milk - allergic reactions that cause stomach pain and increased mucus (which can lead to those ear infections and respiratory issues). I think taking these specific cases and jumping to the conclusion that no one should drink milk is absurd. Some people are allergic to peanuts - does this mean we should all eliminate peanuts and peanut products from our diets? I have asthma and I had lots of ear infections as a child. I never stopped drinking milk, though, and as an adult, I don't experience an increase in my asthma whenever I have a glass, nor have I had an ear infection in some time. Other issues listed on have to do with the fat and calories in milk and other dairy products. Obviously, you're not going to do well if you drink 6 gallons of whole milk a day, as well as down 2 blocks of cheddar cheese every afternoon. Olive oil is high in fat, but that doctor on Oprah constantly tells me how good that is for me, as long as I'm not drinking the entire bottle. Everything in moderation, people.

I'm not saying that PETA should totally be ignored all the time. I admire that they stand up for animal rights - there are times when bad things really need to get pointed out and fixed. I don't think this issue, however, is one of their better moments.

Friday, September 26, 2008

this is just embarrassing....

On the eve of the football game vs dook, I find myself in an unusual position - I'm concerned. Yes, that's right. I'm concerned about this game. The game against Dook, which should be an easy, guaranteed win. What makes it worse is DOOK IS FAVORED. By 6.5 points! What has the world come to? Has hell frozen over? Or are we really that bad?

Making matters worse, I can't even watch the game because fucking comcast (it's craptastic!) doesn't carry ESPN U. Assholes. Although in this case, it may be a blessing in disguise.

In other news related to our team...... last night, apparently there was a football game. Why I can't seem to remember that Thursday night games are the NCAA equivalent of Sunday night NFL games is beyond me. (Yes, I know it should be Monday night, but lets face it, ESPN ruined that and we all know Sunday night is the place to be.) Lulu kept me up-to-date, however, and said that it was the timeless match up between the Trojans and the Beavers. The immature 5 year old inside me still finds this hysterically funny. Naturally, I was happy that the Beavers won, because I HATE Southern Cal. It slipped my mind that they creamed us a few weeks ago, and it would be good for us if they retained their #1 ranking. Shit. Hahahaha... not that I think this will really make or break our season.

All in all, its looking like a bad weekend for UVA. Sadness.

3 am wake up call

3 am (ish). EVERY NIGHT (well.... more nights than not...). My dog gets up and decides he desperately has to pee and/or poop. He starts scratching at the bedroom door, whining and barking until I get up to take him out. 3 AM. This happens even when I take him out just before going to bed - last night, that happened to be a little after 1 am. So we're talking only 2 hrs had gone by. I'm not sure what his deal is, but it's really getting on my nerves.

Last night (or I guess this morning...) what made it worse was the rain. Not only does that get both of us all wet, but Cooper is weird and pretty much refuses to go outside in the rain. So I had to drag him out, and he got all antsy and neurotic and it took him about 15 min longer to finally go to the bathroom.

Like I said, I really don't understand why this keeps happening. I always walk him before we go to bed, and I've even started taking his food away after 10:00 to prevent him from eating late and therefore having to poop it out at 3 am. None of this seems to make any difference. What always makes it worse is after the walk, he's awake and has energy from sleeping for several hours, and he either wants to play or wants some kind of affectionate attention, so he's up in my face trying to get me to do something. It can take up to 30 min for him to calm back down, and there are times when I don't really get back to sleep for the rest of the night. A mere 1.5-2 hrs after all this happens, Texas' alarm goes off bright and early at 5 am. If I had trouble getting back to sleep after the walk and subsequent Cooper energy burst, this always wakes me up and I have trouble getting back to sleep for the 2-ish hrs I have before my alarm goes off. So essentially, Cooper's 3 am bathroom emergency often translates into about 2 hrs of solid sleep followed by 2 hrs of very broken sleep for me before I have to spend the day working with crazy people. Not fun. Coop's lucky he's cute, otherwise I would have returned him a million years ago.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I hate cats

On Sunday (yes... several days ago Sunday), we went up to Steve and Christy's and got to see all the boys!! It was so much fun to see them, and I was surprised how much Alex had changed! He's twice as big as he was before, but I guess that's expected when you go about a year between visits. We spent time playing, eating, and watching the fabulous Redskins game. And, of course, I took about 2038423434 pictures - they're up in my main photo album, if anyone cares : )

The boys seem to be turning into awesome Skins fans. Both Alex and Dominick were rocking jerseys, and they all got excited whenever the Skins did something good. In the 2nd half, the Skins had that fabulous INT. We all got very excited when this happened - we were yelling and screaming and the like. This got Christian, Dominick and Ryan jumping and screaming with their arms up in the air - clearly they've learned the signal for touch down. Alex, however, sat on the floor with a toy completely unphased by all the commotion. About 5 min later, however, he jumped up, threw his arms in the air, and started screaming and dancing around. He, too, was excited about our INT... he just seemed to be on a short delay. Just after his celebration, the Skins scored a TD, which got all of us and the other boys jumping and screaming again. Alex participated in this celebration, although I think he was still excited over the INT and was unaware of the touchdown. He's only a year and a half, though, so that's ok : )

The only problem with the whole day ended up being my damn allergies. Steve and Christy have a cat, although I usually don't see her and she rarely bothers me. Sunday, however, was a different story. Bill wanted to watch the game in the basement, since that's where the ginormous HDTV is. Unfortunately, the basement is also where the cat spends most of her time. In the past, whenever we've been down there, my asthma always starts to act up and I feel miserable. This past Sunday was no different, and about 10 minutes after going down there, I started to have issues. They weren't anything over dramatic, and they didn't stop me from having fun with the boys, although it did zap a lot of my energy.

Once I got home, I changed all my clothes, etc, to get all the cat off me. Usually, after a few hours, this solves my problem. This past experience has proven to be very, very different. It's now Thursday, and I can still feel the damn cat. My asthma is out of control, and I've had to use my advare every day this week. I've been sneezing and my throat's a little raw, and I feel like cat dander is sitting up in my sinuses. I dunno when this cat turned into the super evil devil cat from hell, but she won't leave me alone, and I still feel like ass : (

Will this stop me from going up there to see the boys? Of course not. Will I rain on every one's parade and insist we watch the non-HDTV in the future so I can avoid the basement? Hellz yes. Everyone else will just have to deal.

fun times with tv!

It's Wednesday, so of course I was excited for the newest Project Runway. I thought tonight's challenge was awesome, mostly because all the designers were really freaked out about it. Korto's punk look for Suede was awesome, and I was happy she won another challenge! She's been so close so many times... she deserved to win again. Jerell was clearly pissed he didn't get his three in a row, but she definitely did a better job than he did this week.

On to the massive problem this week.... Kenley. At the start of the season, I really liked her. I thought she was cute and fun, and I liked some of the stuff she made. As the season has gone on, however, she's really gotten on my nerves. She's SO annoying, and such a bitch. On TWO different runways, she's laughed when another designer's been judged harshly. Who does that?! Rude. She also questions what Tim knows about anything. Look, honey, Tim's a god and you're a nothing. Stop being disrespectful and shut the fuck up already. She's definitely turned into a one trick pony. Every week (for the most part), she turns out a 1950s dress, regardless of what the challenge actually is. She seems to go into each week with an idea of what she's going to make, and attempts to twist that to fit the challenge, which I think she fails miserably at every time. She also had the audacity to talk some trash about my Suede last week, which floored me since she was really a pot calling the kettle black. Homegirl needs to go. Yesterday.

Obviously, I'm upset Suede went home tonight. Yes, he's not the best designer there. But I liked him. Blayne's departure a few weeks ago was devestating, but now without Suede, I don't know what I'm going to do!

I think it's going to come down to Jerell and Korto... whoever the third person is isn't really going to be a factor. I know it's not a huge jump to say that, but... what can ya do. I like both of them, and I think they're both good designers, so at this point, I'd be ok with either of them winning. As .... blah and vanilla as I find Leanne, I'd rather have her in the final three than Kenley. She needs to step it up and find those winning designs again.

The other big tv treat of the night was Lipstick Jungle! I'd forgotten how hot this show was. The first 45 min shoved in about 4 yrs of soap opera drama. How could you not love something like that?! And I think my favorite part was Nico getting her g-spot enhanced... and how she couldn't even sit down that day, and how the bumpy cab ride at the end of the show really... did it for her. hahahahahaha.

YAY! for tv being back! Now if only they'd hurry up and make more episodes of Swingtown....