Sunday, September 28, 2008

and you thought you were having a bad day

The other day, I came across this little gem on dlisted. I know weird, wacky things happen in hospitals all the time, but this ... well.... wow.

This story is crazy!

A 61 yr old man goes into the hospital for a circumcision that's part of a treatment plan for some medical issue he's having. He wakes up from surgery and notices a hell of a lot more than his foreskin is missing - the doctor took his entire penis. According to the doctor, while he was poking around removing the turtleneck, he found cancer and decided to remove the entire penis without talking to this poor man. How exactly does this mental conversation (or actual converesation with the nurses and other doctors in the operating room) go? "Well, I'm here to perform what really boils down to minor cosmetic surgery, but damn. Something funky is going on here. I think I'll just lop this whole thing off. I don't think this guy will miss it." I obviously don't have a penis, so I have no first hand experience with this, but I feel like guys are really attached to theirs. How can you just take someone's penis? Obviously, this guy is suing about 2034823434 different people over this.

hahahahaha. makes your day a little better, huh? "Damn... UVA got rocked by fucking DOOK. How embarrassing. But hey, at least no one cut off a boob without telling me first."

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