Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Celebrity Roundup

I found today less than inspiring in the world of celebrity gossip. Not that Perez and hot slut Michael K didn't entertain me, I just didn't find much that would overcome my extreme sense of laziness. So today's roundup is just about Cougar Sharon Stone.

I feel like it was just the other day I was reading stories that she had lost custody of her 8 yr old adopted son. Then, 2 min. later, I was reading that it wasn't true. Today, there was another story that said she had asked a judge to move her son from his father's house to her house. Judge said hellz no, and stated Roan would stay with dad. Court docs revealed that the Cougar is a little... weird when it comes to her son and often overreacts when it comes to medical issues (or lack thereof, as she apparently thinks he has stuff that he doesn't).

This is my favorite part of the story - she also wanted to botox her son's feet in order to take care of an odor problem. Dad's common sense suggestion of "wear socks whenever you wear shoes" seemed to do the trick just fine, and there was no need for the toxic injections (shocking!).

Sharon was given one weekend a month and Christmas visitation.

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