Thursday, September 25, 2008

I hate cats

On Sunday (yes... several days ago Sunday), we went up to Steve and Christy's and got to see all the boys!! It was so much fun to see them, and I was surprised how much Alex had changed! He's twice as big as he was before, but I guess that's expected when you go about a year between visits. We spent time playing, eating, and watching the fabulous Redskins game. And, of course, I took about 2038423434 pictures - they're up in my main photo album, if anyone cares : )

The boys seem to be turning into awesome Skins fans. Both Alex and Dominick were rocking jerseys, and they all got excited whenever the Skins did something good. In the 2nd half, the Skins had that fabulous INT. We all got very excited when this happened - we were yelling and screaming and the like. This got Christian, Dominick and Ryan jumping and screaming with their arms up in the air - clearly they've learned the signal for touch down. Alex, however, sat on the floor with a toy completely unphased by all the commotion. About 5 min later, however, he jumped up, threw his arms in the air, and started screaming and dancing around. He, too, was excited about our INT... he just seemed to be on a short delay. Just after his celebration, the Skins scored a TD, which got all of us and the other boys jumping and screaming again. Alex participated in this celebration, although I think he was still excited over the INT and was unaware of the touchdown. He's only a year and a half, though, so that's ok : )

The only problem with the whole day ended up being my damn allergies. Steve and Christy have a cat, although I usually don't see her and she rarely bothers me. Sunday, however, was a different story. Bill wanted to watch the game in the basement, since that's where the ginormous HDTV is. Unfortunately, the basement is also where the cat spends most of her time. In the past, whenever we've been down there, my asthma always starts to act up and I feel miserable. This past Sunday was no different, and about 10 minutes after going down there, I started to have issues. They weren't anything over dramatic, and they didn't stop me from having fun with the boys, although it did zap a lot of my energy.

Once I got home, I changed all my clothes, etc, to get all the cat off me. Usually, after a few hours, this solves my problem. This past experience has proven to be very, very different. It's now Thursday, and I can still feel the damn cat. My asthma is out of control, and I've had to use my advare every day this week. I've been sneezing and my throat's a little raw, and I feel like cat dander is sitting up in my sinuses. I dunno when this cat turned into the super evil devil cat from hell, but she won't leave me alone, and I still feel like ass : (

Will this stop me from going up there to see the boys? Of course not. Will I rain on every one's parade and insist we watch the non-HDTV in the future so I can avoid the basement? Hellz yes. Everyone else will just have to deal.

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