Friday, September 26, 2008

this is just embarrassing....

On the eve of the football game vs dook, I find myself in an unusual position - I'm concerned. Yes, that's right. I'm concerned about this game. The game against Dook, which should be an easy, guaranteed win. What makes it worse is DOOK IS FAVORED. By 6.5 points! What has the world come to? Has hell frozen over? Or are we really that bad?

Making matters worse, I can't even watch the game because fucking comcast (it's craptastic!) doesn't carry ESPN U. Assholes. Although in this case, it may be a blessing in disguise.

In other news related to our team...... last night, apparently there was a football game. Why I can't seem to remember that Thursday night games are the NCAA equivalent of Sunday night NFL games is beyond me. (Yes, I know it should be Monday night, but lets face it, ESPN ruined that and we all know Sunday night is the place to be.) Lulu kept me up-to-date, however, and said that it was the timeless match up between the Trojans and the Beavers. The immature 5 year old inside me still finds this hysterically funny. Naturally, I was happy that the Beavers won, because I HATE Southern Cal. It slipped my mind that they creamed us a few weeks ago, and it would be good for us if they retained their #1 ranking. Shit. Hahahaha... not that I think this will really make or break our season.

All in all, its looking like a bad weekend for UVA. Sadness.

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