Monday, October 13, 2008

Celebrity Roundup - Bunny Edition

There have been 2038432048234234 stories about this recently... here's the quick round up on what's going on.

Kendra and Hef have broken up. There have been several stories about her dating (being engaged to??!) a football player (a Philly Eagle). She finally confirmed that she and Hef are no longer together, saying that they would always be friends. Awwww.

Holly and Hef have broken up, too. There were all kinds of stories about Holly running around with that nasty Cris Angel guy. She said they were "special friends" or something like that. She finally just recently said that she and Hef have broken up, although they remain friends. She has her own place, but is currently still living in the Mansion (did she get her own room?). Hef finally made a statement as well, saying that Holly wanted kids and marriage, and he couldn't give her those things. Apparently, they did try to have kids a few months ago, but Hef's old self is shooting blanks, and kids just aren't possible. He also said that Holly would always be the love of his life. I have to say - I find this kind of sad. Despite the MASSIVE age difference, I actually liked them together. I'm sad they had to break up, but I guess I'm glad Holly did what she had to do and didn't give up on being a mom and a wife.

No one really knows if Hef and Bridget are still together. She's been in Europe filming "Bridget's Beaches" with the travel channel.

Being the hott pimp that he is, Hef hasn't let these break ups get him down. He's dating Kristina and Karissa Shannon, 19 year old twins who have previously posed for Playboy. I, personally, think they're ugly... and I'm surprised he's gone for the small boob look (since the last three girls were so opposite from that). Could they be any more orange?! Someone(s) need to lay off the self tanner. They also have a sordid past. Not too long ago, they were arrested at some party for laying a serious beat down on a party guest. And I feel like I read somewhere that that wasn't their first arrest for laying a beat down on someone. Classy. It's like Kendra... only much, much worse. And not as good looking.

Some chick named Amy Leigh Andrews, a college senior from Georgia, is also vying hardcore for a coveted "girlfriend" title. From what I've read, Hef says she has a good shot, but I guess he hasn't made up his mind yet. I think she's better looking than the orange twins, but I'm not overly impressed, either. She strikes me as a hardcore gold digger (hahaha... although I guess they all do), and she makes me miss the girls next door.

Photo source for the orange twins; Georgia gold digger.

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