Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Celebrity Roundup - Tommy Girl edition

This installment of Celebrity Roundup deserves its own, special post. Because it's just that disturbing/fucked up/O.M.G. - whatever you want to call it.

As I mentioned in a previous Celebrity Roundup, Tom Cruise used to be hot. Now... now he's just scary. I wrote before about how creepy it is that he never lets Katie walk on his own. And I seriously think he's some whacked out alien thing with all that Scientology shit.

And apparently we can add "youth sucking vampire" to all the other things we call him, as Michael K talked about the other day when he posted this story.

We all know about how much Katie as aged since getting together with Tom. The once young, youthful, bubbly girl has turned into this quiet robot that's led around by the hand or arm with seemingly no free will of her own. Here, she was all done up celebrating something - perhaps the opening (or review performance or whatev) of her Broadway play? Whatever it's from, its not like she just rolled out of bed. She went somewhere with cameras and she knew her photo was going to be taken. Homegirl looks beat, and she isn't even 30 years old yet. And this massive aging transformation she's undergone has happened in the span of two short years. I know she's got a young child at home, but please. She's also go more money than Xenu, and probably a nanny for every day of the week - or at least access to that many.

While Tommy Girl continues to suck the youth out of Katie, he has added his adopted kids to his diet. Here is a picture of them going out to dinner the other day with little Suri. That haggard girl in the background is Isabella Jane, born Dec. 22, 1992. Yes. 1992. She's 15. That used face can't even drive yet. And that guy in the suit and aviators? That's Connor Antony, born Jan. 17, 1995. 1995! He's 13! What in Xenu hell happened to these two teenagers?! They look like they've been through a stint in rehab, two failed marriages, a few DUIs, which led to another stint (or two) in rehab, and an illegitimate child scandal.

Seriously. WTF?! Someone needs to step in and help all these people. Stat 1 2. Or they'll all be 80 by next Christmas.

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