Monday, October 6, 2008

Celebrity Roundup

Celebrity news from the past few days....

She was coming through LAX and for whatever reason didn't want the pap attention that comes with it. What's wrong with this picture? We're talking about the girl that used to bring her kids to Robertson Blvd. to "shop" because she knew more pictures would be taken. She's also changed outfits in the middle of the day, because she knew the new look would bring more pictures. Now suddenly she's feeling shy and doesn't want the paps to take pictures of her? This make me think something funky's going on. And, clearly, her little trick worked. Not a pap in sight.

Homegirl told Marie Claire (Nov. issue) that she wants a baby. "At some point ... I want to adopt a kid ... A child in need or a newborn from another country. I'm not sure yet." Yeah. This sounds like a brilliant idea. Lezzy as a mom. This girl has been in more trouble in the last year or so, and she thinks a baby is a good plan? This totally smells of one of those desperate "omg if I have a baby I'll have something that'll love me forever!" plans. Trouble with drugs, alcohol, and the law. Goes to rehab several times. Gets out of rehab and skanks it up allllllllll over the world. Suddenly decides she's a lesbian. Now wants to be a mom. Who in their right mind would give her a kid? What's sad, she'll get one because she's "famous." Poor kid.

Perez is obsessed with this tool, and I can't quite figure out why. I can't stand him. He's too... pretty - or at least he thinks he is. All the stories have him spending 20384023843243 hrs in front of a mirror, both before he goes out and while out wherever he is. Plus, look at those freako chicken legs he's standing on! NOT HOT. He just needs to come out already. I have a hard time swallowing the idea that he's straight. I realize he's a little Disney princess, and he's got oodles of preteen girls that just love him, but come on. No straight man would spend that much time with a flat iron.

Jake and Reese have been dating for a while now, but things may be getting rocky. Sadness. Jake's been filming a Disney movie in Morocco and London (looking like a greasy piece of nasty while doing so), which is apparently really straining his relationship. Reese apparently flew to London for a quick get together in mid-September. Other than that, they've been relying on phone and email, but, understandably, that's not the same. Jake's apparently working 19 hr days, and he's real focused and what not, so even when he's on the phone, he's a little checked out. I kinda like them together (despite all the gay rumors around him), so I hope this doesn't kill their relationship.

This tool had a birthday the other day, and he celebrated at a party in Vegas. First, who has a birthday cake with their picture on the top of it?! That seems.... sad and desperate to me. Second, he hasn't aged a minute since his days as AC Slater. How is that possible?

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