Friday, October 10, 2008

Coop cracks me up

Ok.... so Cooper, like all dogs, frequently has some wicked gas problems. And, like all dogs, it's usually silent, so you have no warning prior to being smacked in the face with a horrible smell.

Every once in a while, however, Cooper manages to squeeze one out that makes noise. Whenever this happens, it always catches him off guard and completely surprises him. He jumps up, turns around and looks at where his ass just was, sniffs around, and looks at me all confused, because he has no idea what that sound was or where it came from. I have to say, it makes the smell almost ok, because it's really entertaining whenever this happens. He acts all surprised and confused for about five minutes every time, and then, very upset that he couldn't find the source of the noise, he lays back down, but continues to act unsettled for several more minutes.

I know you probably don't need to know about my dog's farts, but I thought I'd share anyway. Feel special. : )

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