Saturday, October 11, 2008


Lulu has been complaining all week (in a very girly way) that there are mice in his house. In theory, mice really don't bother me, so every time he's mentioned this, my first thought has been "awww... mice are kind of cute! as long as it's not a rat...."

But then I quickly remember the mouse problem I had in my very first apartment. Jessi was over one night and we were watching tv. She suddenly pointed to the corner and screamed MOUSE. I looked in the general direction her finger was pointing, and saw this brown blur streaking across the living room. Needless to say, I completely FREAKED OUT. We started screaming and we climbed up onto the dining room table because we figured the mouse couldn't scale the metal table legs. Stepping only on chairs, I made my way over to the telephone by the kitchen and started calling people.

My first call was to my landlord, who told me they would call someone, but it would be at my expense. I got rageful and hung up on them. So I started calling some of my boyfriend's frat brothers and any other guys I could think of. Bible Dave come over and grabbed a frying pan. I told him he wasn't allowed to hurt the mouse (1. because I didn't want him to and 2. I didn't want squished mouse on my frying pan), so he put down the pan and grabbed a box top. He was able to get the mouse into the box top, but wasn't able to keep him there, since there was no lid or anything to contain him. Bible Dave eventually gave up and left. And yes, Jessi and I were still standing on the dining room table. Charles and GW came over next, but they figured they couldn't really do anything, and they quickly left. Eventually, I called my roommate, who happened to be at Walmart with her mom. She picked up some stuff and we eventually got the problem taken care of.

It seems Lulu has somehow transferred his mouse problem to me. I was down in the scary part of the basement this morning doing laundry. Coop was poking around and was way too interested in something in the scary dark room/drug selling room/whatev this area used to be. When he came out, he was carrying one of the Orkin glue traps that the technician had left forever ago. He immediately dropped it, but remained interested. I looked down and saw this black thing sticking out of it and was HORRIFIED when I saw THE BLACK THING MOVE. I FLIPPED out because I had no idea what it was and it was MOVING. Texas acted like an ass and wouldn't go down there to look, so I had to get brave and go face whatever the black moving thing was. The glue trap was nowhere near where I had last seen it - how scary is that? Sticking out of one end, I saw a little black mouse. It's only stuck by its tail, so it's free to pull that trap all over the place. I needed to get my laundry out, and the damn thing had moved way too close to the washer and dryer, so I found a pole and pushed it far away. Naturally, though, I'm wondering how many more of these guys there are in my basement, and I'm not thrilled that my laundry isn't done yet.

I called Orkin, and I have to wait until Tuesday (!!!) to get a call back from my local office (DAMN YOU, COLUMBUS!) Texas continues to be an ass, so I called Bill to come take care of this mouse. He said he'd be over sometime during my football game. I stuck a laundry basket on top of the glue trap to keep it contained. I also had to call the vet, cuz Coop touched this thing and I'm beyond paranoid, so I'm scared he's got some weird mouse disease. They said he should be fine, but gave me like 20384234324 different things to watch out for.

Adding this to the list, I've now found spiders, cicadas, other funky unidentified bugs, a lizard, and a mouse in my house. I'm beginning to think living so close to a wooded area isn't a good thing.

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