Thursday, October 9, 2008

Exciting weekend!

So I'm way excited about this weekend!!

On Sat, Lulu is coming over and we're making a quick run to the mall because he needs more kitchen accessories (which I thought he was banned from buying, buuuut whatev...). Then I hope he's going to make me waffles (MMMMMMM!!!). Then I'm going to suffer through UVA's football game, which he should super enjoy. That part I'm not so much looking forward to. But after that, we're taking Cooper the fatty to a park to enjoy the weather, the early fall colors, and try to have some fun.

On Sunday, Texas got us tickets to the Skins game! And a parking pass! I'm soooooooooooo excited! I'll get to debut my new Chris Cooley jersey in style!

YAY! for a fun weekend!

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