Saturday, October 4, 2008

FINALLY!! OJ found guilty!

OJ Simpson was FINALLY found guilty of something!!

Apparently his trial for all his shenanigans in Vegas has been going on over the past 12 days. (In case you don't remember, OJ got in deep shit last year after trying to rob some sports memorabilia dealers of stuff he claimed was his. All/almost all? his buddies turned on him and squealed like little pigs after they were all caught by the po.) After deliberating, the jury found him guilty of all 12 counts, including conspiracy to commit a crime, armed robbery, assault and kidnapping with a deadly weapon. This conviction comes 13 years to the day after the horrible "not guilty" verdict when he murdered his wife and her "friend."

He will be sentenced on Dec. 5 by a judge, and he faces up to life in jail! WOO! Hopefully justice will prevail. Good to know OJ will finally be put way - I guess it's time he put on his big girl panties and dealt with the consequences of his fucked up actions.

The Perez and Dlisted stories about this. I guess I should probably use a real news outlet, but I just can't pass up Michael K's hott commentary. Plus, I read these sites way more than real news sites.

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