Monday, October 20, 2008

Gotta Love Chris Cooley!!

I was making my daily rounds of the hottness that I read, and I came across this gem from Chris Cooley. It was so awesome I had to share : )

Big game this week for the Skins
We hit the Browns in the chin
The game was rough
But, we were tough
And left the field with a win.

Clinton ran wild again
Santana scored with a spin
Z made good calls
Edwards dropped balls
Snyder now has a big grin.

I wanted to catch more balls
Instead I blocked like a wall
So sore my neck,
Like a car wreck
But, winning is worth it all.

Our defense gave them some lumps
Fans got everyone so pumped
On the goal line,
Stuffed four times
Cleveland went home in the dumps.

Next week we fly to Detroit
Lions will try to exploit
We'll practice hard,
Go into their yard
Hail to the Skins in Detroit.

Again, HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!! Hopefully we can roll through Detroit this weekend! : )

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