Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hey Philly - how many superbowl titles do you have?

First, I have to say that I'm truly appalled to be up this early. And, quite frankly, I'm a bit surprised, given I didn't sleep well. Coop woke up trying to get me to take him out at his usual time of 2:45, and then two drunk ass friends decided to call me just before 4 to let me know they were hungry, and wanted me to come pick them up... or go out with them... or something like that. Then, Coop again woke me up about 30 min ago, so here I am. Lovely.

All that aside, I am excited about today! Coming off last week's big win over the Cowgirls, and spurred on by last nights surprise Wahoo crushing of Maryland (!!! I still can't believe that! WAHOOWA!!), I can't wait until the Skins take on the Eagles later today (hopefully, I'll still be awake)!! I seriously can't stand Philly, and I have to admit, their fans kind of scare me. I mean, they throw snow balls (super packed icy ones!) AT SANTA! Who does that?!

And to answer the question posed above, its NONE! The significance of the question comes from the home Philly game two years ago. I was lucky enough to go (although I had to sit with strangers... but that's ok). Bill and Nick were there, but sitting in their fancy club seats. Bill got rip roaring drunk, and throughout our loss, kept asking the Philly fans "HEY! How many superbowl titles do you have?! THAT'S RIGHT! NONE! We have three. HA!" This continued as he walked to the car, and as we drove out of the FedEx field parking lot (he was literally almost hanging out the back seat windows screaming this at Philly fans we were driving past). Good times!

So here's to a good game. May Jason's arm be strong, Santana's hands be sticky, Clinton's legs be quick, and Cooley's all around hottness be a beast on the field. GO SKINS!!

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