Saturday, October 11, 2008

In case yall were wondering....

This is my new hair cut.... after I hacked at it myself with cuticle scissors. Twice. (hahaha... never wrote that I did it a 2nd time. once just wasn't enough.)

Still not sure how I feel about it, but here it is in all its glory. I messed with it forever this morning after my shower, and it always seems to look the same no matter what I do. I think I'm still really unhappy with the layers (which you can't really see in the picture...). I dunno what this tool was thinking when he cut them... but this morning I felt like some bad 80s reject. And we all know how much I loathe 1980s fashion. So yeah, not really digging feeling like a reject from that decade.

Guess I'm stuck with it until everything grows out some. Then I'll be stuck trying to find a new person to do a better job cutting it. Fun.

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