Monday, October 20, 2008

Inebriated Erin strikes again!

Part of a conversation I had with Inebriated Erin on a MONDAY NIGHT. I left it in "Inebriated Erin Speak" so you could fully appreciate it in all its glory, however I provided translations for those of you not skilled in her language.


Inebriated Erin: omg i just fell in my closet and rupped down a rack fo closth [omg i just fell in my closet and ripped down a rack of clothes]
Inebriated Erin: ok i need to go to bned [ok i need to go to bed]
Inebriated Erin: and my boob poped outta my shirt
Inebriated Erin: durong the fall [during the fall]
Inebriated Erin: ps i lost my shirt in the closet incident
Inebriated Erin: so i dont kn wo if im rational [so i don't know if i'm rational]
Inebriated Erin: oh im nude from the waist up rihht now [oh i'm nude from the waist up right now]
Inebriated Erin: hahha
Inebriated Erin: except for teh hot scarrfff [except for the hot scarf - i'm not sure what she is talking about here]
Inebriated Erin: hahhhaHAHAHAH
Inebriated Erin: MAND MY BEDTIME WAS LIKE 4905U HOURS AGO [and my bedtime was a long time ago]
Inebriated Erin: WHAEBE [um.... i dunno what this was supposed to be]
Inebriated Erin: IF SOMEONE RBINGS ME SOMETHIH TO SOMKE ITS OK [if someone brings me something to smoke its ok - she really wanted a cigar]
Inebriated Erin: my boob just hit me in the face
Inebriated Erin: wat im not sure im wearinh any cloths right now [what i'm not sure i'm wearing any clothes right now]
Inebriated Erin: i may be naked
Erika: allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll this is going on my page
Erika: youre gonna hate it in the morning
Inebriated Erin: hhahah i know im gonna need some crack to soffen te blow [hahaha i know i'm gonna need some crack to soften the blow]
Inebriated Erin: got any?
Inebriated Erin: who wnats to drive me to taco bell [who wants to drive me to taco bell]
Erika: hahaha
Erika: call chris
Inebriated Erin: hhhaaaah i whould....ol say drive me to taco bell u can touh=ch a boob [hahahaha i should... say drive me to taco bell you can touch a boob]
Inebriated Erin: hahhhhhhhhahh
Inebriated Erin: aigt well i shoudl o to bed while i see 2 of evething insatad of 4 [aight well i should go to bed while i see 2 of everything instead of 4]
Inebriated Erin: ps i,m nuede on the baclonhy instead and its nootttt warm [ps, i'm nude on teh balcony instead and its not warm]

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