Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Game Day!!

I wish I was excited as that title sounds. But I'm not. Coming off of a twerp crushing, I feel I should be a little more optimistic, but years of being a Hoo fan has taught me otherwise (sad but true).

East Carolina just scored off a turn over. Boo. The good news? We held them to a field goal, so I guess that's something. This seems like a bad start, though, as we didn't have any turn overs last week, yet throw an INT on our opening drive in this game. Yikes.

Lulu's coming over, and I'm not going to lie. It would make my LIFE if we could beat a team that the chokies couldn't. ECU is favored by 6-6.5 points, depending on what you look at. Better than the spread against the twerps, but still.

Here's hoping!

PS - they just showed a picture of the lawn! The tree was all pretty and turning fall-like. One of my favorite times at UVA. I miss it : (

PPS - O.M.G. Our QB just got smacked in the face by the football because he wasn't ready for the hike. WTF. We're lucky that wasn't a turn over. Thank God Lulu isn't here yet.

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