Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just so ya know....

Like I said in an earlier post, part of the reason I've been a little MIA is because I've been writing stuff for Right Fielders. Since I'm not the only one writing for them, I thought I'd share some links to the stories I've written... cuz I know yall are dying to read them :-P

Posh and Becks robbed!! BY EMPLOYEES THEY'VE HAD FOR 10 YRS!! How sucky would that be?!

Kellen Winslow had huge, huge balls. So he went to the hospital. Or at least that's the rumor. HA!

The NBA is firing people. Damn, that sucks.

More drug problems for Jose Canseco. Will he ever learn?

Tom Brady says no to CK undie ads. I know - I'm just as devastated as you are. I think that's very mean and selfish of him. I wonder if this means he knows he can't fill out those skivees as well as Becks does. If that's the case, I feel bad for Gis.

Pacman Jones suspended. Again. Idiot.

Posh and Becks bird shit facials. You can't make this stuff up, people.

Ron Mexico the dog killer may return to the NFL. I'll probably do my own post on this, as I had to censor myself for them. I threw up about 2034234324023984023 times in my mouth as I was writing this. I think I need to vent. So stay tuned.

Romo may play injured. Haha... I guess this didn't pan out.

Becks is writing a book. Is there anything he isn't doing these days??

No surgery for Kim Kardashian. Because this is somehow important.

Andy Roddick Naked!!! I know I wrote about this here, too, but it was too good not to share again : )

ARod may be doing Madonna. OOOOOH the scandal!

So there they all are! I've been busy : ) I'll try to post links in a more timely manner in the future.

2 opinions that are almost as important as mine:

Anonymous said...

Brady looked pretty good on snl a couple years ago.

Erika said...

haha. brady looks good everywhere. which is why its SO UNFAIR he's decided to rob the world of his hottness.