Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Job: Day 2, part 2

After "relaxing" at my new job today, I went on a home visit with one of my coworkers. Then, after a few more minutes of "relaxing," I met with my new supervisor. Basically, I learned that my phone isn't working right, and I can't get into the system that lets me manage my timesheets, pay stubs, benefits, etc (which means I can't set up my benefits). My email also wasn't working, but we managed to get that fixed before I left. I also got my voicemail set up... although, again, my phone isn't working properly, sooooo not many people will get to hear it.

Tomorrow, I get to make a list of needed desk supplies and get all that stuff ordered, which should be fun... although it's been over 3 yrs since I last had a work desk, so I'm concerned I'll forget something obvious and major. I also get to shadow a coworker again, and learn about county cars and other fun things like that.

Sometime this week, I'll get my cell phone (boo), and next week I have TWO DAYS of training on our paperwork system. Big boo to that.

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