Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Job: Day 2

I guess I skipped over Day 1, but I was tired last night, so yall will just have to deal.

Day 2 started out fine. In Day 1, I learned that leaving my house at 6:35 gets me to where I had to be today at 7:45. I needed to be there at 8, and the roads were wet from light rain all night, so I figured I'd leave a few minutes early to hopefully account for all the stupid drivers out there. I WAS SO SO SO SO WRONG.

I got out the door at 6:20 - and yall should all be WAY impressed with that, by the way. The traffic reports I heard said 95 N was heavy from dale city (me) through rt 1. Thats exactly what the deal was yesterday, so I stayed on 95 instead of bailing onto rt 1. BIG mistake. There was HORRID traffic for a few more miles, and I had no idea why. I surfed around for traffic reports, and they all said either 1. traffic was clear past rt 1 or 2. its heavy, with no explanation given. After barely moving for an HOUR, I finally got to the source - an accident taking up the right lane, and there were signs that it had originally taken up far more than that. Once I got past that, traffic completely broke up and I was doing 80 trying to make up for lost time. (It was at this point I finally started to hear that there was an accident. nice.) I wasn't able to fly along at 80 for very long, however. I'd heard reports that there was a cleared accident on 395 just before the 14th st. bridge. I didn't think much of it, as there was apparently one yesterday as well, and it didn't hinder my commute too badly. This was mistake #2. Long before the exit ramp for 495/Tysons split off, traffic came to a complete standstill. About 45 min later, I was finally able to get off 395 and start working my way towards where I needed to be. It was already 8:15 at this point, 15 min after my training had started. The only phone number I had was to my dept's HR dept, and they apparently don't get in until 9, so I just kept getting rolled into a voice mail, which was doing me no good. Eventually, my half asleep and panicked brain realized I should use 411 to call my new supervisor. I did, and she was able to get a note to the people teaching my training saying I was on my way... just very, very slowly.

Once I FINALLY got there, it took me like 10 min to find an open spot in the parking lot. I walked into the conference room at 9:20, a full THREE HOURS after I walked out my front door. Luckily, no one seemed to mind, and I was able to get full credit for the training, despite missing almost 1.5 hrs of the 4 hr class. Nice.

Now I'm sitting AT MY NEW DESK!! "relaxing" on my boss's orders, waiting to talk to her about... whatever you talk to your boss about on Day 2.

Hopefully my trip home won't be as heinous.

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