Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Job: Day 3, AM Edition

Day 3 has started off well. Despite an accident on 95, which was on the shoulder and shouldn't have caused traffic, but it did because everyone had to look at it, I managed to get here at 7:45! WOO! 15 min before I was technically supposed to be here, which means I can leave at 4:15 today!

On the drive in, I saw the best license plate ever: L8AGIN. If my plate is the most perfect one for me, this one comes in at a close second. LOVE IT. The only problem was it was 6:45 in the freaking morning and I couldn't call anyone to share the awesomeness.

On tap for today: shadowing Becky, which is a bit odd, because I feel like I've been working longer than she has - I was working with clients here before she was hired. I realize she's been doing this specific job much longer than me - ya know, since I have 2 days and 15 min under my belt. My supervisor told me yesterday that Becky was "the best" at pretty much everything, so I'm excited : ) We're going to the doctor with someone, and then doing a group home inspection, whatever that is. Should be interesting! I also get to make a supply list and start of (sort of) organize MY DESK!! Cuz, ya know, I have one of those now :-D

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