Saturday, October 11, 2008

Part one of my awesome weekend

Lulu overslept (as usual), but managed to make it here just after UVA's first touchdown. I've already shared how awesome the game was, but no harm in mentioning our 35-20 win over ECU again!!

While we were watching the game, we decided to order some pizza (since Lulu wouldn't be making us waffles or pancake puffs : ( boo). This shouldn't have been a difficult task, however it ended up taking like 1.5-2 hrs to get our complete order. I totally don't understand what was so difficult about delivering a pizza and some soda, but what do I know? After about an hour, we called asking where our order was. We heard whoever answered the phone yell to someone in the background to actually bring us our food and "hurry the fuck up." He gets here a few minutes later and hands us things we totally didn't order. He happened to have our pizza in the car, but not our drinks. While we ate are barely lukewarm meal, we waited for the beverages to arrive. After calling TWICE, they finally showed up. Ugh.

After the game and the lunch fiasco, the original plans called for Lulu and I to take Coop off to the park and enjoy the beautiful day. However, Lulu the big DORK had to leave : ( So I dragged Texas there instead and we spent a little while exploring one of the picnic areas of this HUGE park. We then drove around and found the start to one of their many trails (I think they have like 35 miles of hiking trails), so I definitely plan on bringing Coop back on Monday to do some exploring : ) Most of the park is still green, but I did find a few trees that have embraced fall early, which made me and my camera very happy : )

Now I'm here with a very tired puppy, just chillaxing waiting for the Skins game tomorrow! YAY!!

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