Saturday, October 11, 2008

Post Secret at UVA

Yall know I absolutely love Post Secret. They... well, he... recently had an event at UVA. I really wanted to go, but obviously I didn't make it.

Frank mentioned it in this week's post on myspace. I loved the story he told, so I wanted to share it here....

Here is one UVA secret shared this week that I will not forget for a long time. A brave young woman stood up from the balcony and told the crowd of students below that she had grown-up locally in Charlottesville, VA and her dream as a girl was to attend The University of Virginia. But in high school she had had a baby and even though she tried to keep her dream alive it was not to be. Her voice quivered with emotion: Every time I walk on this campus it is bittersweet because I wish so bad I could be a student here like all of you. She went on to remind everyone in attendance how lucky they were to be part of such a special place. When she walked away from the microphone the audience showed her how deeply they appreciated her and her secret.

Reading this almost makes me cry. I absolutely loved being at UVA, and I couldn't imagine some life circumstance taking that away from me. Part of me thinks this girl should have been more responsible, but shit happens. I'm sad her dream (and promising future) was stripped away with what could have just been one little mistake that had one big, crying, pooping outcome. Sad : (

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