Saturday, October 25, 2008

Right Fielders

my latest posts.....

David Duchovny is suing mad. First, his tennis ho says she won't comment on their relationship. Now, she says there is no relationship. Pick one, lady. He's suing the Daily Mail for printing tennis ho's original story.

ARod selling apartment. So he can move closer to Madonna and have babies with her?

Plaxico Burress fined by NFL. Haha... I totally heart his name. He was fined for mouthing off during the game. and then again after the game. good job!

Tom Brady has more surgery for infection. Staph? Not staph? Should he have used the docs the team wanted him to rather than the doc Gis insisted on? (Cuz... ya know... she's got all that sports medicine experience....)

Lots of positive drug tests for steroids in the NFL. Everyone is saying they didn't know the diet pill had a banned substance. but... my question is, why are NFL players taking diet pills? to mask other things? until I hear a good explanation for this, I'm gonna stick with this theory. other suggestions/ideas welcome.

Santonio Holmes was arrested. For hot boxing his car. Genius!

Kid gets suspended for Rayhawk. How RETARDED is that?! and how totally cute is this story!!!

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