Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Seriously, Girls. Shape Up.

Ok. This is just bothering me. Really, really bothering me. Recently, I've looked through two different facebook albums that were full of wedding photos. In both of these albums, posted by unrelated people for unrelated weddings, there were guests WEARING WHITE.

Honestly - WHO DOES THAT?! When you're a guest at a wedding, you don't wear white. Ever. Period. Unless it's a weird wedding like Beyonce's where she asked all her guests to wear white. Other than that freak exception, ONLY THE BRIDE gets to rock the white. Come on now. This shouldn't be that hard to figure out.

And, making the matter worse, in both instances, there were photos of the inappropriately attired guest posing and smiling with the bride. To translate, FRIENDS OF THE BRIDE dressed like this.

So, to sum up - ATTENTION WEDDING GUESTS. DON'T WEAR WHITE. I didn't realize that this needed to be pointed out, but apparently I was wrong.

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