Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So proud of me!!

So yesterday, I had a hott five minutes between clients, so I made the mistake of going to Loehmann's. While looking around (and constantly telling myself I wasn't going to buy anything), I happened upon Juicy Couture mecca. There were numerous things from last season that I had seen and wanted (and naturally, they're now at a hott discount price!), and there were several things that I didn't know Juicy made that I obviously couldn't live without now that I knew of their existence.

And what did I do?


So here I am, a day later, and I feel no better for being "strong" and saving this money (and by "saving this money," I mean "spending money I don't have"). I've done nothing but think about all these things for a day and a half, and I feel this... tug... pulling me back towards the store.

DAMN YOU, LOEHMANN'S! This is why I should never go there... because when I'm good and don't buy things, all I do is think about them non-stop, and eventually convince myself I can't live without them.

Let's see how long I last this time....

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