Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sports Update

I know I know... when have I ever been this quiet over a heavy sports weekend? I think I'm sick : ( All weekend, I've taken a ton of naps and still felt really crappy and tired... I'm a bit worried. Not good.

All that being said....

WAHOOWA!!! I'm not going to lie - I fell asleep before the end of the game (see? I MUST be sick!)... and in my asleep haze, I thought we had lost. Imagine my surprise when, at the start of the tek game, the goons talk about UNC losing! VERY EXCITING! GO HOOS, baby!! I dunno where this team came from, but I'm happy it finally showed up, even if it was a few games late : )

HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!! Again, not going to lie... I slept through the beginning ... and the middle of the second half. But I saw the end - YAY!!! Glad my boys pulled out the win! : ) We best look better against Detroit, though. I can't handle these close games to sucky teams.

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY BC!!!!!!!! I did manage to watch (although not pay full attention to) most of that game, and I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the outcome! I have to say, I wasn't totally shocked BC won. Lulu went up to Boston for the game, and, other than a UVA game, I don't think Lulu has ever traveled to a big game and seen a win. I know he went to the ACC title game that they lost. And I think he's been to a bowl game... that they lost. I think there maybe be more.... but Lulu's not around to verify this information. It appears his streak continued, though! so big YAY! there!!! Thanks, Lulu : )

Now, if only Tampa Bay can pull out a win over the Red Sox!! GO RAYS!!!!

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