Sunday, October 12, 2008

That didn't go so well....

HOW could we have lost to the Rams?! THE RAMS?! They hadn't won a game ALL SEASON! W.T.F.

Aside from that (and my panic attack, which I'll get into later...), the day was pretty good! We actually got out the door on time (which is odd for us), and only ran into minor traffic before we got to the Wilson Bridge (which, I must say, I totally don't get....). Upon arrival at FedEx Field, the lot we wanted to park in was full, so we were directed through various lots half way across the stadium to an open one. No biggie : )

A short walk to the stadium later, we were headed to our seats!! We found our way to the escalator and went up... and up... and up.... and up.... and up.......... for what seemed like an eternity. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the view once we got alllllllllllll the way up there. I feel like the seats up there had more room than ones lower in the stadium. I didn't feel like I was on top of whoever I was sitting next to. And, being in the front row, we had a TON of leg room. It was super super comfortable and nice.

The only drawback was the guy I was sitting next to. He defines "trashy." Always smelled like smoke, had a trashy woman with poorly bleached hair on his arm, acid wash jeans (on both of them), and at one point, he took off his shoes and put his feet up and allllllllllllll over the glass in front of us. HOW GROSS IS THAT?! He made the guy from last year with the black hole of an ass (causing the atomic wedgie that had his jeans sucked up into him) seem like a treat. Something was just nasty about this dude all stretched out IN PUBLIC with his socked feet all over this piece of glass. If you want to stretch out, buddy, STAY HOME.

Despite the lovely weather and good seats, the game...... UGH. The game. WTF WAS THAT?! Thinking back over the past few weeks, from Chris Cooley's blog posts, I feel he/the team were more revved up over Dallas and Philly than this game. I guess that makes sense when you look at the opponents, but the outcome is completely unacceptable. And my boy FUMBLED! UGH!

After the game, things took a dramatic turn for the worse. It took us like an HOUR to get out of the fucking parking lot. Driving through all the lots, etc, to get back out, we saw a ton of po, and like 3 ambulances a little ways away from the road in the middle of one of the lots. I dunno if this is what caused the hold up, oooor if it was unrelated shenanigans. Once away from FedEx, it took us another 2.5 hrs to get home. I'm so not making this up. Traffic for MILES and MILES before the Wilson Bridge. We FINALLY cleared that, things were good, then we got on 95 S, and again, gridlocked traffic. NO REASON FOR THIS. I had a panic attack from sitting in the car for that long, which was less than fun.

When we got home, Tx called one of his friends in Texas and said he had a ton of fun at the game, and says he HAS to go to another one. Naturally, I love that determination : ) Hopefully the next one will turn out better.

.... a few pictures from the game are in my main webshots album, if you care : )

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