Friday, October 10, 2008

TV Timeout - Project Runway

This week's episode of Project Runway is always one of my favorites. I love when Tim goes to visit everyone. You get a small peek at their runway collections, and you get to learn more about each designer and see a little window into their lives.

This week didn't disappoint.... although some of the fashions did. Yes, I hate Kenley. But based on this week's runway (and the little bit of her collection that Tim showed us), she definitely deserved to move on. Don't get me wrong, however - it'll kill me if she wins. I also felt Leanne did a good job as well, although I'm a little concerned that next week the judges are going to think her collection is too much of the same from one piece to another. I'm hopeful, though, and I can't wait to see everything she made. I thought her wedding and bridesmaid dresses were great!

Korto was my favorite in terms of seeing into her home life. I think her daughter is sooooooo cute, and I enjoyed hearing her story about having to leave Africa (although I found it tragically sad). I'm impressed with her family that they were able to build a life literally from nothing once they moved here. I find that work ethic inspiring and I think it's wonderful that she tries to stay connected to her roots. I loved all the bright green and yellow in her collection, and I think the pairing with the snake skin is interesting - not necessarily my thing, but I can't wait to see how it all looks. In terms of her runway show, I didn't think it was as horrible as the judges made it seem. While I didn't like the top of her wedding dress, I liked her overall idea - especially that it wasn't white and traditional. Unlike the judges, I totally saw the connection between her wedding dress and her bridesmaid dress (why wasn't this an issue with Kenley's dresses? I saw zero connection there).

Jerell. I don't even know what to say about him. What we saw of his collection was truly... horrid. WAY to over done and over accessorized with nasty icky things. It didn't remind me of anything he'd done all season on the show, so it was way out of left field. I had been really excited to see what he had done. His wedding dress. Wow. I will say that I loved the bottom half. I liked how it was at the waist, and I loved how the tulle was so prominent at the bottom (although once Nina pointed out that it looked like white tulle that had gotten dirty, I agree that he should have used a different color there). I thought it was different and fashionable. However, once you looked above the waist, we had some MASSIVE problems. Tim pointed out that the poofy things around the boobs looked like a wardrobe malfunction, which I totally agree with (as did the judges). I'm not sure why he didn't agree, and why he didn't fix it. Then the jeweled shit under that... and then the jewels under all of that. Omg. It was like someone had gone crazy with a high priced bedazzler. I did like his bridesmaid dress, although I feel it was rather poorly put together (with all the puckering and all). I think he completely deserved to go home. And I wasn't a fan of the dig he took at Michael Kors in his parting "interview."

Now that we have our final 3, it's time for Bryant Park! Since fashion week was a while ago, the last 6 contestants got to show so there was no surprise that was ruined. Photos of all 6 collections are online, however I never like to look because I want to be as surprised as possible when I watch the show. I did take a look at the 3 losers collections, though, and here are Jerell, Suede, and Joe for your viewing pleasure.

And when is my hott reunion show where everyone gets all catty?! I'm going to be way upset if they don't do that this season. Always good drama!

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