Sunday, October 5, 2008

TV Timeout

This week's Desperate Housewives was sooooooooooooooooo much better than last week's. I'm excited about the season again. YAY!

This week was way less confusing and had fewer "huh? wtf?!" moments than last week did. I'm more used to the 5 yr jump and I think it might be ok.

My random thoughts about this week's show:

  • I still can't stand Edie's hubby. First, his hair has got to go. Something's just not right there. Second, he's creepy as fuck. Something massive is up there, and I dunno what it is. I don't get why Edie likes him. Third, what he did with Mrs. M and Toby?! Fucked up. WHY is he so insistent on living there?! And what did he do that got him locked up/put away/whatev before? YAY! for Mrs. M bribing her way to a computer to look him up.
  • Lynette still looks like she's rocking a wig. That bugs me. And what she did to Porter was sooooo so so so wrong. And Porter needs to stop wearing the world's gayest shirts.
  • I don't find Susan's new boy toy attractive. And I'm sad she and Mike are divorced.
  • Bree and Orson aren't going to make it all season. Yes, it was mean that he demanded a pot roast, but I can see his point. She promised. I'm sure he's feeling neglected these days, not to mention feeling all unmanly, as Bree seems to never mention that he exists. I'm upset Bree decided to make the pot roast and cry silently to herself. She needs to speak her mind!
  • Gabby Gabby Gabby. Lord. I did love the touching moment she and Carlos had at the end of the show. That was sweet. But HOW could she go out to a hott party looking like that?! I know Carlos is blind, but she isn't! She had like NO make up on, and my hair looks better most days than hers did. WTF.

Ok... I think that wraps it up. Again, YAY! for a better show! Can't wait til next week : )

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