Wednesday, October 1, 2008

UPDATE on my 3 am wake up calls

The night I posted to story about Cooper waking me up every night at 3 am to go out, we had quite the experience.

Coop got a lot of walks that night. At 10:15, he started acting like he was going to pee on the floor any second if I didn't take him. Then sometime between midnight and 1 am, he acted the same way. Then I took him out a little after 2 before we went to bed. Wouldn't ya know, at 4:30 am, he gets up and starts carrying on about having to go out. Given it was a weekend and no one had to be up early, I was determined to not take him out. For 45 min we went through the following cycle: jumping off the bed, barking, whining, scratching at the door, and sitting on the floor staring at me; jumping up into bed, sticking his face in mine, demanding a little attention; giving up and laying down at the foot of the bed with a heavy, exasperated sigh.


Eventually, however, I was victorious! He went back to sleep until around 8:30, when I gave in because there was a chance he actually needed to go to the bathroom then.

Since Friday night, we haven't had any middle-of-the-night drama [knock on wood!]. Dare I say - Cooper was a fast learner? I hesitate to jump to that conclusion, because I know if I do, he'll be up at 3 am tomorrow morning barking and whining away. Hopefully, my firm stand broke this habit, though, and we'll continue to sleep peacefully

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