Wednesday, October 1, 2008

UVA Sign Ban

This really irritates me. And I'm sure Mr. Jefferson is rolling in his grave over this horrible suppression of our first amendment rights.

Starting this season, UVA has banned all signs and banners from all sporting events. This is tragically sad, as reading the various signs was always a fun part of the games. People are pretty creative, and the signs were usually really entertaining.

UVA states they are doing this to promote good sportsmanship. Apparently what got this started was the FIRE AL GROH sign that someone brought to the football games last year. Well, Al isn't doing very well, so it's not like that sign was completely out of left field.

Lots of people have latched onto this story. Rick Reilly of ESPN wrote an article about the decision, basically stating that it's un-American. Some dude on facebook started a group, and he's gotten the ACLU involved in the cause to reverse the decision.

I guess I can sort of see the point around not wanting the negative signs. But to ban all of them completely is ridiculous. I was at a Nats game a few years ago vs the Giants, and, of course, there were numerous signs about Bonds and his drug use. The police were in full force, roaming around telling certain people they could not display certain signs. As un-American as I find that (hahaha.... cuz Bonds does use drugs, and the signs were really funny), I'd rather have some policing than an out-right ban.
Because of this tragedy, I'm going to share some pictures of my favorite signs (which I got from The Sabre's photo gallery on the same topic).

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