Friday, October 10, 2008

Vote or Die?

I'm sitting here watching 20/20 (hott Friday night, huh?), and my boy John Stossel did a story questioning if everyone really should go out and vote.

As part of his story, he interviewed random people and asked them typical questions - how many states are there? how many senators are there? Can you identify the people in these pictures? Basically, it was clear that most people are idiots. Something like 75% of people can't name the Vice President. This just floors me. And people didn't know how many states there are! HOW COULD ANYONE NOT KNOW THIS?!

What's scary is the people who didn't know how many states there are or how many senators there are (the answers ranged from 12 total to 50 per state) were all interviewed at a thing that was getting young people registered to vote.

I have to say, I agree with John on this point. Should these idiots really be voting? There's this HUGE push to get people registered and out at the polls on election day. But should that be our focus? Should people who don't even know how many states there are and don't recognize a photo of Joe Biden be allowed to choose our leader? I definitely come from the belief that it is every one's civic duty to vote. People died to give us this right - DIED. It's not just a right, but it's a responsibility. However, I also think that everyone should be an INFORMED voter. Maybe the people who don't bother to be informed shouldn't be allowed to vote. Maybe there should be some sort of knowledge test. Not necessarily questions like "how many states are there?" (although, again, you're officially FIRED from life if you can't answer that), but questions that ask if people really understand who they're voting for - questions about policy, etc., that shows they're making an educated decision rather than voting for Obama because Madonna says McCain is evil (which, by the way, she's done in all of her concerts).

I don't care who you vote for (well... that's not true, but I'll keep my opinions on this to myself, as I don't want to get into a political debate), but I do care that you have a legitimate reason for voting for that person. I realize a test isn't practical, but hey, when have I ever been practical? I'm the girl that thinks everyone should be fixed at birth and shouldn't be allowed to be unfixed until they can pass a test that shows they can be responsible for another person. It's scary to think that people who don't even recognize a picture of a vice presidential candidate can be allowed to cast a ballot for one. Even scarier to think that that person might not even know how many states there are. Perhaps it shouldn't be "vote or die." Maybe we'd prefer some of these people to just stay home on election day if they can't bother to become informed voters before getting into line.

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