Saturday, October 11, 2008

Watch out, Lulu!!

This story just cracks me up.... mostly because it happened in the city where Lulu lives.

Some guy got really drunk, got on the bus to go home, but got off 8 miles from where he actually lives. He picked a house, walked in through the unlocked front door, ate a crab cake in the kitchen, and crawled into the bed in the master bedroom.

The owners later came home with their 16 year old son. The Mrs. said she knew something wasn't right when she saw the crumbs from the eaten crab cake in the kitchen. The Mr. walked upstairs and flipped on the light in his room, and was shocked to see a white bearded older man snuggled up in his bed. The family quickly left the house and called the police. They had to shake the man to wake him up. When he finally roused, he asked the police what they were doing in his house. (HAHAHA!)

Turns out, this poor man had lost his job 3 weeks earlier. He got blitzed and got confused on the way home and picked a random house to return home to. Once hearing the story, the family decided not to press charges, since nothing really happened (except for the missing crab cake). The Mrs. even packed a nice lunch of ribs and leftover soup for the police to give the poor jobless guy. How sweet.

Pay attention, Lulu! Make sure you keep your door locked - otherwise, this guy may curl up in your bed one night.

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