Thursday, October 9, 2008

Worse than a bad hair day

So this morning, I had a total crazy bride from YouTube moment. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about....

Yesterday, after having an extremely horrible late afternoon, I went to the mall to FINALLY get a hair cut. I'm usually pretty nervous about getting my hair cut if I don't have anyone to go to, since I automatically assume everyone is extremely untalented and will fuck up my hair. But I sucked it up yesterday and went. And, I brought a picture of exactly what I wanted. Somehow, after telling the guy I wanted to look exactly like the picture, I came home looking like some weird combination of short Ashlee Simpson hair combined with Cheryl Burke's mophead. HORRID. I was completely upset and disgusted, and just threw it up and clipped back the bangs, figuring I'd see what I could do in the morning after I took a shower.

This morning, after I turned on the water, I was looking at my hair realizing just how unhappy I was with it. I decided one of the biggest issues was the bangs. So, in all my infinite wisdom, I thought it would be a good idea to cut my own bangs. With cuticle scissors (because that was all I had). Nice, huh? I pretty much butchered them, but I felt that was better than what they were. I took a shower and tried to deal with the rest of it using mousse and a hair dryer. This was less successful, and I pretty much walked out of the bathroom screaming about how much I hated my hair. Totally that bridezilla moment from the video... minus the pending wedding.

At work, everyone told me they liked my hair, so maybe I'm just crazy? Or maybe I'm just upset because it doesn't look anything like the picture? One of my clients did tell me I looked pretty today (twice), but he's crazy, so I don't know how much I can trust that :-P

And yes... I'm aware that video is fake. But it's still freakin hilarious.

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