Friday, November 21, 2008

Awesome Birthday-ness

So... the quick highlights so far....

-My step dad is like... biologically averse to my birthday, so once again plans changed at the last minute. it's ok, though... i ended up going to Fudruckers with Texas and my mom, and we're scheduled to go to Mike's American Grill as soon as the evil step father feels better : )

-After Fudruckers, we came back here and i got my MY LITTLE PONY CAKE!!!!! seriously... the best.cake.EVER. and it tasted SO GOOD!! very exciting.

-After cake, i played wii with my mom. way cool.

-Today, i got to play wii at work! totally not birthday related, but still hott shit : )

-I got a card from Inebriated Erin that was some SERIOUS hott shit. Too funny for words, and came complete with a drunk Inebriated Erin doodle!

-This email exchange happened with the hottest slut of them all, Michael K from dlisted!!

[In response to my TOTAL horror that i share a birthday with Bronx Mowgli Wentz]
You do?! Oh shit. Block it the fuck out. BMW! lol.
happy belated
birthday btw ho

[In response to my response, where i said i'd be reminded yearly of this horridness]
Bitch change your birthdate! Legally do that shit. Naw. Eff him. He'll
probably run away next year and never me heard from again.
Love you ho!

OMGGGG! I heart Michael K more than words can say. So this... pretty much made me DIE.

ON TAP: HOTT TIMES WITH INEBRIATED ERIN tomorrow at the wax and spy museums!! Priceless pictures to come : )

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