Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Look! A story that's not just a bunch of links!

Yes... I don't write very much anymore. but that's because someone else swooped me up, and they take up a lot of my time. But I did want to take a few minutes now and write a few words on the eve of my 24th birthday.

Yes. My 24th birthday. Again. Ya see, I feel old... and I don't like being old. And I wasn't a big fan of 25, so I've decided I don't just want to hold here. So I've taken the next step and decided to move backwards starting tomorrow. So I will be turning 24 for the second time. In a year, I'll turn 23 again. I must say, I really am excited about this.

I'm already really excited about this birthday... although that's gotten me into trouble in the past, as I've ultimately found myself disappointed. But hopefully this year will turn out different - I am defying the whole space-time continuum, after all. Tomorrow night for the big day, I'm doing a family dinner w/ my mom, step dad, step grandpa (?), and bf. We're going out to dinner, then going to my step grandpa's (again.. ??) for CAKE! And I'm WAY excited about this cake - it's my little pony!!! See? No way to be disappointed by this! I can't wait!

Saturday is going to be AWESOME, too. Inebriated Erin and I have made some kick ass plans. We're going to venture into DC (which means Inebriated Erin has to brave the metro... should be exciting!) and go to the wax museum and the spy museum! I've never been to either of them, so I'm pretty excited. Inebriated Erin's all geeked up for the wax museum and political figures housed within, and can't wait to take 23840238423202384234 inappropriate pictures with them. I, too, can't wait for her to do this. And the spy museum! I've heard some pretty cool things about it, so I'm way excited : )

Maybe after we can catch some dinner.... or find some booze and act dumb on the mall? haha... probably something in the middle of the two. Can't wait!! : )

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