Sunday, November 2, 2008

Right Fielders

A way to prevent 14 yr old gymnasts from saying they're 16. I'm still pissed nothing more is being done about this.

Head shots in the NHL. Pretty brutal sport - I'm not really sure why I don't watch it. Maybe I should try harder to get into this.

Steve Young voting no on Prop 8. The Mormons must be pissed.

Warrick Dunn is coming out with a book. And he's got lots of interesting stuff to say.

Marat Safin retiring? I'm not sure what happened to him.... he used to be hott as hell. but.... now... not as much.

Marion Jones on Oprah. She says she didn't know she was doping. Others say she's lying.

ARod Madonna secret meeting? hahahahaha. I heart this story more than words can say.

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