Sunday, November 30, 2008

Super Bowl Shuffle, anyone?

Apparently, the Chicago Bears aren't the only ones with a hott rap from back in the 80s. According to Chris Cooley, making these was all the rage back in the day. First, lets remind ourselves of the most famous of these locker room raps...

Haha... we all know this is fabulous. But it's not the only one. Chris posted several on his page the other day, the best obviously belonging to my Skins. (hahaha. Yes. "Chris" posted them... like I know him.) And I just re-read it, and it looks like his brother Tanner actually posted them.... but whatev. :-P

Gotta love it! I'll also share my other favorite.... the rap from the Raiders. No, I'm not a Raiders fan, but I LOVE that Howie Long raps in it. Makes the whole thing. And I love that his hair hasn't changed in 20 years. Enjoy!!

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