Monday, July 13, 2009

much needed update

so its been like a million and a half years since i last updated..... whoops.

i went to the beach this past weekend with Irresistible Inez and we had a freaking BLAST!! we decided to go on a road trip down to Va Beach, and it couldn't have been a better day. on the way down, we made a few friends in the cars next to us. the first (and best) was a kia with two guys in the front (aaaand apparently a girl in the back... took us a while to notice her). thanks to some waving and a little boob action (haha... clothed boob action... i am a lady), we scored ourselves an invite to the outer banks with them!

after about 3 hours, we finally made it down to the beach!! We chillaxed on the beach for like five hours, which was hot, sunny, and GLORIOUS! The people watching was a bit painful, though.... most of the people around us needed lots more clothing. however, we made the wonderful decision to camp out near the lifeguard stand, so the three guys that worked in shifts throughout the day were yummy enough to make up for the other uggos.

after relaxing on the beach, we walked 19 blocks down the boardwalk, and then back up on the street side, popping in and out of the various stores (haha... which all sold the same thing). We came back with some Virginia Beach booty shorts, shot glasses, pink kayne glasses, and a hermit crab named Herman (who pinched me last night... not very nice of him). we got an eh dinner, and then finished walking back to the car. along the way, we saw some suuuuuuuper ghettoness, funky people, and nerdy star wars characters. and a street musician sang a little song about me and my new crab (true story. she's got crabs.... she's got a hermit crab.....) after sitting in some HORRIBLE traffic on the most poorly designed road on the planet, we were finally able to start towards home. even though it was late and dark, we had a great return trip, full of good music, Manic Mike-style car dancing, and BLANCHE. all in all, it was a FABOOSH day and i'm desperately trying to convince people to go down with me again :)

the pictures have been uploaded to webshots, so check them out :)

4 opinions that are almost as important as mine:

f1trey said...

wow that sounds fantastic! I had a blast a few weeks ago and really want to go back myself!!!! Now if I could just hit the lottery...hmmm...

you dont really have crabs do you?

Erika said...

hahaha. i have ONE crab... that lives on my desk at work.

f1trey said... ok ..right??

Erika said...

hahaha. yes, youre fine.