Saturday, November 21, 2009

23rd Birthday (2009 Version) - Part 1

So the first half of my long drawn out birthday extravaganza is over, and it's been a pretty good time so far.

It all started Thursday night... after work, almost everyone at the office came out for a fun dinner at Faccia Luna. Lusty Lulu met us there, and we sat around talking and laughing and enjoying some super yummo pizza. Manic Mike came over as we were wrapping up dinner, and it was soooooo good to see him!!! We all suuuper miss him at work - it's been a lot more working and a lot less field tripping since he left :( After dinner, most everyone decided to go home - including Irresistible Inez. Big BOO to them. But Shern and Brenders came with me, Lusty Lulu, and Manic Mike over to the awesome Chinese joint that has $4 32 oz beers during happy hour. WOO! We get there and I told the bartender it was my birthday and asked if I could have a free beer. The response? "You'd be surprised at how often I get asked that! ...No." Haha... ouch. She then cards me. It was around this time that I realized I left my ID in my car. Shit. Apparently, my old ass now looks old, because she ended up serving me anyway. Not sure if that was a good or bad thing.

We all hung out for a bit, and much fun was had. After a while, Shern and Brenders left, and Lusty Lulu, Manic Mike, and I stayed and kept drinking. Enter Argyle Sweater Man. He was standing behind me at the bar all by his lonesome and was very into his iphone. Manic Mike decided that he needed to know this guy's story, so I turned around, tapped him on the arm, and basically asked "sooooooo what's your deal?" because, ya know, that's totally appropriate. We ended up talking to this guy for a while. Turns out, all his friends were over an hour late and he was apparently feeling a little lonely and abandoned. Manic Mike decided at some point that he was totally done with Argyle Sweater Man, and kept trying to find ways to get out of the conversation. His friend showed up, and Manic Mike thought we were saved.... but he kept right on talking with us. So Manic Mike decided to mention something about his partner, hoping the gay would scare off Argyle Sweater Man. Didn't work. So then he said something about me having a boyfriend and I have never in my life seen someone peace out of a conversation so quickly. Manic Mike was thrilled with his skills.

So the three of us continued to hang out... Manic Mike got a little drunkity drunk drunk, and the conversation was naturally hilarious. The bartender who denied me a free $4 beer gave me a free shot when I cashed out my tab. Awesome. Too bad I don't really drink shots. Eventually, Manic Mike's man showed up, and I was so excited that I finally got to meet him! All in all, a super fantabulous evening :)

Yesterday, on my actual birthday, I was less than thrilled to be working. I mean, does anyone really want to work on their birthday?! I got into the office and was greeted by an email from an old client who remembered and wanted to say happy birthday. Definitely got things off to a good start! I went out with Irresistible Inez to run some errands for the office, and get some coffee and a bagel, all of which was great because we were out of the building. Shortly after returning to the office, I got a surprise from a client, which was super nice, and then a delivery showed up! One of the members said she had signed for something at the front desk, and brought over these super GORGE pink flowers! YAY! for flower deliveries at the office!! Seriously - flowers at work where you can show them off and make everyone else jealous is one of the best ways to make a girl feel really special.

My flower joy was short lived, however. I got word that someone had found a "bug" on one of my clients, and I had to go do a bed bug check at his house. NOT what I wanted to spend my birthday doing. Luckily, there were no signs of bed bugs at his place, so it all ended up working out. After the bed bug scare, I returned the car to carpool and gave George a hard time about sticking me with a gross prius on my birthday (he almost always gives me one of the pimp impalas, but claimed they were unavailable for the week). My bitching ended up securing us an SUV for the short week next week! WOO! Can't wait to pick that up!

After work (and very carefully transporting my flowers home), I met Inebriated Erin and saw The Blind Side. FANTASTIC MOVIE! I cried "like a little girl" as someone put it, but it was totally worth it. Inebriated Erin and I met up with Lusty Lulu after the movie, and my mom took all of us to dinner at Red Robbin. We seriously had the bitchiest waitress EVER. She'd get pissed when you asked for a refill of your soda, and every time she brought me one she wouldn't even look at me. WTF. My mom rolled up carrying a bag of about 2038434 different wrapped boxes. She started shaking them and handing them to me one by one, and when it was all said and done, I had gotten the movie Up (woo!), a check (WOO!), a deck of cards, a slap bracelet, and magnet football photo frames. Ummm.... ok.... ? Interesting.

After some embarrassing singing by the Red Robbin wait staff, we came back here to have cake. Now, there are specific rules about my birthday cakes every year. They have to be children's cakes, no theme can be repeated, and there has to be some sort of keepsake. When we were discussing this year's cake, I reminded my mom that last year was My Little Pony, so I needed something different this year. Somehow, she heard "last year was My Little Pony, and I demand the EXACT SAME CAKE this year." So that's what I ended up with. Totally the opposite of what I said, but that's ok... because it's pink and My Little Pony is pretty awesome.

After yummy cake, I went over to a certain someone's place and we ended up going out to Friday's because he hadn't had dinner yet. He ate, and we both enjoyed some delicious beer. mmmmmmmmmmmmm beer. The highlight of that trip was the rumble that we almost witnessed in the parking lot. Awesome.

The chill end to last night has bled into today, and I've pretty much done a whole lot of nothing. It's been fantastic. I thought my Hoos were going to pull off some kind of miracle win, buuut they're not looking so great here in the 2nd half. Sadness. On tap for tonight is a late dinner with Inebriated Erin and Lusty Lulu, then some dancing out somewhere. Stay tuned for what I'm sure will be great stories and photos!

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