Sunday, November 22, 2009

23rd Birthday (2009 Version) - Part 2

Last night was.... out of control is really the only way to describe it.

Lusty Lulu, Inebriated Erin, and I all met at my office to roll over to Silver Diner for a late dinner/pre-game fun. I was a few minutes late, and when I pulled into the parking lot, Lusty Lulu and Inebriated Erin were hanging out in Lusty Lulu's car drinking from a flask. Lusty Lulu had mentioned something about this on the phone when I was explaining why I was late, but I thought he was kidding. Clearly, I was wrong.

We head over to Silver Diner and start drinking (obvi... what else would we do before a hott night out?). We were having a good time... generally minding our own business and being relatively well behaved. When the guys sitting across from us got up and left, out of the clear blue nowhere, one of them said something really snotty to us as he walked by. WTF?! We weren't doing anything. We sat there in stunned silence for a minute, and then Inebriated Erin got pretty pissed and was ready to throw down with this douche in his stupid driving hat. Luckily, there was no rumble in the Silver Diner parking lot.... but he may have ended up leaving a bigger tip than he had originally planned. Whoops.

Lusty Lulu enjoys embarrassing me, so he told our waiter it was my birthday. After we were finished with dinner, the waiter and the rest of the Silver Diner staff came over with a piece of their super delicious chocolate cake and sang happy birthday to me. Now... usually places have their own version of happy birthday, but these guys sang the actual song... so when they got to "happy birthday dear...." everyone looked at me because they didn't know my name... and I had to fill it in myself. It was.... interesting. But the cake was damn good, so it all worked out. And it had a real candle in it, so it was already a step-up from my actual birthday cake, where I blew out two lighters that Lusty Lulu was holding.

When we got out of Silver Diner, we went back to Lusty Lulu's car to finish off his flask of Jack and to figure out what we were going to do for the rest of the night. We were sitting in his car drinking (TOTALLY legit, right??) and hardcore rocking out to his ipod. The car was bouncing around a bit from our dancing, and the windows were starting to fog up. It must have been a hott sight for anyone driving by. I texted a certain someone that I was drinking Jack, and he pretty much knew that this was going to spell disaster for me, so he decided to come out and join us for the night. WOO!

Since he was coming, we decided to stay in the Clizzle Dizzle and went to Mr. Days. I'd never been there before..... but I seriously think it's what heaven must be like. Booze, dancing, and 203832408234 different tvs around the dance floor, all playing various sporting events and sports center. AWESOME. So we started drinking, taking drunk pictures, and totally rocking out, and much fun was had by all. Inebriated Erin got a little toasty, and seemed to take a liking to Lusty Lulu. This was.... interesting, given Lusty Lulu likes the boys and has zero interest in what Inebriated Erin has to offer. I just remember looking at them at one point and seeing Lusty Lulu motorboating away. Good timez.

There was lots of interesting people watching at Mr. Days as well. There was one "girl" that immediately caught everyone's attention... and not in a good way. I say "girl" because we all really really questioned that. There's a picture of "her" in the photo album, so yall can decide for yourself. There was also a faux-hawked bouncer standing on the stairs that totally thought he was the shit. He was standing there in his too-tight tshirt and his itty bitty little flash light thinking he was god's gift to pretty much everyone in the room. Was he cute? In a drunk haze... yes. Was he the hot shit he thought he was? Absolutely not. He seemed to think he was crazy important and powerful with that little flash light of his... woulda been funny to see just what he would have done with it should people have gotten a little rowdy. There were also a lot of girls running around in very tight, very short, very 1980s dresses... apparently I missed the memo that these were cool again.

Sadly, last call rolled around and we all had to stumble out the door. We walked Inebriated Erin back to the metro, since she wasn't quite sure how to get there. As we were leaving Mr. Days, we passed the douche from Silver Diner. Lusty Lulu noticed it was him, but Inebriated Erin didn't. Thank goodness... I'm sure she would have wanted to shank him with a sharpened toothbrush if she'd seen him. She did decide that my bra needed to come off, and tried to facilitate that while we were walking. I think this is how she missed spotting the douche. Trying to defend my bra was something I wasn't expecting to have to do, and it was most definitely an experience.

We got Inebriated Erin on the metro and headed back to the cars. I grabbed some stuff out of mine, and a certain someone had to play chauffeur for my drunk ass, as I'd had way WAY too much to drink... especially for my super low tolerance. Despite starting off the evening saying his goal was to have to pick up his car in the morning, Lusty Lulu was able to get himself home on his own.

The only real downside of the evening was learning before heading to bed that I'd lost one of my most favorite earrings :( I'm still crazy upset by this, and I'm not sure how I'm going to function between now and whenever they get replaced :(

I did wake up bright and early at 7:30 this morning with a wicked headache, so I stumbled out of bed and took some advil and passed out again. That and a super delicious breakfast provided by a certain someone helped ease the hangover, and I was able to drive myself home just fine (YAY! for my car still being there today!!).

I spent today recovering while watching a less-than-thrilling Skins/Cowgirls game. I'm super crazy looking forward to Tuesday and my trip up to Luray and skyline drive and the surrounding area with a certain someone. Should be a fantastic end to a fun birthday!! :)

Click here for all the fun and interesting photos from the past few days.

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f1trey said...

hehehe the only thing missing would be a trip to little johns....

Erika said...

mmmmmmm LITTLE JOHNS!!