Saturday, December 5, 2009

23rd Birthday (2009 Version) - Part 3

So I'm a little late posting this... sorry....

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving was the last part of my awesome 23rd birthday. A certain someone had asked me a few times what I wanted for my birthday, so I eventually sent him an email that said all I really wanted to do was go somewhere. He called me a little after getting the email and we decided to take a day trip up to Luray to see the Caverns and whatever else the little town had to offer. Through some fanagaling on my part, I also convinced him it would be a super good idea to go wine tasting while we were out there.

He had that Tuesday off from work, I took a vacation day and we headed out. The day didn't start off too well... originally, the weather was supposed to be fantastic (60s and sunny), but the icky rain that rolled through on Monday didn't move as fast as the weather goons thought it would, so it ended up being overcast and only in the 50s. Boo. Talking on Monday, he had told me that if I got to his place one minute later than 10 am, he was going to leave without me. Clearly, this is a problem since I'm frequently 15 minutes late for anything other than a movie. Tuesday was no different, and I got out the door later than I wanted to... but still in plenty of time. Or so I thought. The HOV lanes on 95 were totally jacked up (and the regular lanes were just fine. F me.), so that part of the trip took way longer than it should have. And apparently everyone and their brother was late for work that day, so 495 was super traffic-y. He called me at some point during this horrible journey and pretty much made fun of me and constantly threatened to leave since I was running late. Not very nice of him.

Around 10:30, I finally rolled up to his place, and we were able to leave. We trekked out to Luray and had a great time going through the Caverns. We both had cameras, and we both hate having our picture taken, so it was a bit of a fight over that all day. In going through all the photos, we both ended up with a handful of pictures of each other taking a picture. Wonderful. I also ended up with a bunch of him driving with his hand up blocking his face. I totally don't get why he's so uncooperative with this. Boo to him.

Anyhoo.... after the Caverns, we went through the awesome car museum, then headed into the big hedge maze. When you go through that, they give you little "mission cards" where you have go to find these little stands and get stamps. We decided to play along, and spent forever trying to find all four stands and then get out of the freaking thing. I was beginning to think we were going to be stuck in there forever, but we eventually made our way out. Go us.

After that, we checked out what dining options good ole Luray had to offer. We ended up at the Southern Station Diner, which was this hott little place in a double wide. Haha... gotta love Lu-ray! He was wearing his Redskins hat (as usual), and our first interaction with the waitress/hostess was.... special. She walked up to us .... no hello or ANYTHING... just looked right at him and said "how 'bout them cowboys." RUDE! He looked a little... horrified, but realized he couldn't say much after just losing to Dallas. She then looked at me and asked if I was a Dallas fan. I immediately threw up in my mouth. After all this unpleasantness, however, we ended up having a great lunch in the double-wide. Food was pretty good, and the cowgirls fan turned out to be pretty nice.

We then headed out for a winery he had found in a town between Luray and home. I think the best part of the whole day was how all I had to do was show up. He'd figured out the logistics of the whole day, found a winery, etc. I'm used to having to plan and figure out every last detail, only then to have someone complain about what we're doing. Just going along for the ride is fantastic :)

He programmed the address of the winery into his gps, and we had this wonderful message pop up. Hahaha... you know you're in the country when...... luckily, we were able to say that we wanted to stay on paved roads, so everything turned out ok. And despite the overcast weather, the views out there were still really pretty, so I was very excited to get to the winery. We originally wanted to enjoy part of skyline drive, but we ended up being a little pressed for time, so we had to skip that on this trip. Next time we head out that way I think we're going to check it out... hopefully the weather will be better.

We got close to the winery and started heading up this big mountain. From what I could see on the way up, the views were awesome and I couldn't wait to get there. Sadly, about half way up the freaking mountain, we found ourselves smack in the middle of SUPER crazy thick fog. It was so thick we actually missed the entrance to the winery and had to turn around to try and find it. We literally could barely see about 10 feet in front of us, so we decided to skip the winery and come back another day when we could actually see things and enjoy it. Boo for not doing it that day, but YAY for an upcoming trip :)

He wanted to take a big detour on the way home and go through Middleburg, so we spent a while on some awesome back rounds driving through huge farms with big rolling plots of land with mountains in the background. I could totally pick up and move out there tomorrow. SO pretty and peaceful and quiet. He laughed at me when I said that, because apparently wherever we were was a super expensive area, and I'll never be able to afford to rent a room in a barn out there, let alone buy a place. Oh well... a girl can dream, right?

It was a super fantastic day and a great end to the 2009 version of my 23rd birthday. My new camera turned out to be an awesome purchase, and I got lots of awesome photos, too. You can check them all out here.

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