Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

So there have been several Christmas-related happenings lately!

Last Sunday I woke up with the desperate need to bake... so I was able to convince Lusty Lulu to come over and make goodies with me. After about 2038234 years, he finally showed up, and we decided to make cinnamon rolls, brownies with cream cheese frosting swirled in them, triple chocolate cookies, and sugar cookies. Yes... we were planning on making allllllllllll that. We made our grocery list, and we headed out to the store.

After a lot of crowded shopping, we finally made it back home and got started. Up first - sugar cookie dough, since it needed to get cold so we could cut shapes out of it. We decided to make two batches of it, and I threw it in the freezer, and we moved on to the cinnamon roll dough. Lusty Lulu apparently has no idea how to measure flour, because we ended up with a wet sticky mess rather than a delicious dough. After much kneading (and sticking) on my part, and the addition of a LOT of flour, we finally had something that resembled actual dough, and we put that near the oven so it could rise a little.

Now on to the brownies. We made them from scratch (because that's how I roll). Before putting them in to bake, we made cream cheese frosting, dyed it green, and swirled it into the brownie batter. You can't really see it, but omg it tastes SO FREAKING GOOD. We had some left over frosting, so we put that on top... delicious!! After that, we made the triple chocolate cookies, which of course are awesome. These things are like a heart attack on a plate, though. The recipe calls for SIX EGGS, and almost THREE CUPS of sugar. OMG, right? Plus 16 oz of two different kinds of chocolate, PLUS a bag of chocolate chips. WOW. In case you were wondering - that baking math adds up to awesome goodness.

Then back to the cinnamon rolls - rolled out the dough, put in the yummy filling, and baked them up. My favorite part about them is they only take 10 minutes in the oven. They are seriously SO easy to make it kills me. I totally don't understand why anyone would make them out of a can. While they were baking we whipped up another batch of cream cheese frosting, and put it on as soon as the rolls came out of the oven. Divine!

We then attempted to move on to the sugar cookies. Unknown to Lusty Lulu, I'd put the dough in the freezer. Instead of having wonderfully cold, workable dough, we had a massive frozen ball. Whoops :( VERY disappointing, as I'd bought a big thing of cookie cutters, and we had plans to make butter cream frosting and were going to crazy decorate these things. So I wrapped the dough all up, moved it to the fridge, and I'm waiting to find a hott 5 minutes to make all these cookies.

The baking got the week off to a very Christmasy start! Later in the week, I went shopping with a certain someone for gifts for my nephews, and we watched Bad Santa, which he had never seen (!! can you believe that??!). At the end of the week, I knocked out shopping for my mom, step dad, and that certain someone. Woo! After a few days of driving around with all of it in my car, I finally got the loot into the house, and I spent last night wrapping (and wrapping, and wrapping).

Today, both that certain someone and I had the day off, so we had plans to do something together - and I was hoping the day would end in a trip to DC to see the tree across the street from the White House. I brought his presents over and put them under his tree, and we headed out to run some errands and bum around, which was super fun. After grabbing lunch, we headed over to the Air and Space museum by Dulles, which I had never been to. He's a bit of a plane nerd, so he was all excited to take me. We walked around, and I was amazed by how big some of the planes were ..... and how suuuper tiny some of the other ones were. We ended the trip up in the observation tower and watched a handful of planes land. The view up there is really pretty (if you look out past the airport). On a clear day, which today was not, you can see Sugar Loaf mt, and the blue ridges mountains. You could kind of see Sugar Loaf today, but it sort of blended in with the grey sky. I very unsuccessfully took a few self-pictures of the two of us, which he was crazy amused by, and then we headed out. On the way back to his place, he said that once it got dark and traffic died down, we would head into the city to see the tree. YAY! SOOOO excited!!!!

We got back to his place and checked on the weather, since a huge storm was supposed to roll in over night. Bad news - weather had slightly changed, and the snow was supposed to start earlier. My fun Christmas evening got hijacked by some freaking snow, and we ended up running around getting him all prepared for it. When we were done with that, I hightailed it out of dodge in a panic because it was already snowing in my neck of the woods. I got home juuust in time, too. (Side note, snow is one of the many things that really flairs up my anxiety. It's super pretty, but I HATE driving in it.)

Once I got home safe and sound, I was able to relax a bit and enjoy the pretty of the snow... Started taking some pictures, which I'll share at some point, and I'm kind of excited to see what it looks like tomorrow. That certain someone called to make sure I'd gotten home safely, and told me he would try to take me to see the tree sometime in the next few days when he gets off work one night. YAY! my trip might be saved :-D It's not Christmas without a trip to see the national tree, after all :)

On tap - seeing my nephew, who rolled into town tonight (YAY!). Also, gotta make those sugar cookies... maybe tomorrow, since I'll be snowed in all day. That trip to see the tree is also coming up, and I'm hoping to convince my mom and step-dad to put up a tree this year, since my nephew will be around for the next few days, and it's his first Christmas. Fun times ahead!! :)

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