Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I love Christmas and I'm starting to get really excited that it's just around the corner!

Since I met him, a certain someone has maintained that he hates Christmas (who hates Christmas?!) and specifically said to me "there will not be one Christmas decoration in my apartment this year." Enter last Sunday. We were hanging out watching tv and he said "well... even if I wanted a tree... I don't have anywhere to put it." When I pointed out that he had a great place to put a tree, he stammered around for a few minutes and almost sounded resigned to getting one. The next day, both of us ended up staying home from work because we weren't feeling well. By the afternoon, both of us were feeling a little better, and I managed to convince him to go out and get a tree and some decorations. So I trekked up to Tysons and we went out to both Wally World and Target together and he got a tree and a handful of ornaments. We went back to his place and he set it up in front of his sliding glass door and pretty much made me decorate all of it because "men don't decorate." Whatevs - I love decorating trees, so I had a fantastic time. When we were done, he took a few pictures of the tree he swore he wasn't going to get, and then decided he needed to watch a Christmas movie, so we settled in with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Fantastic :)

Decorating his tree really made me want to put mine up. On Tuesday, Lusty Lulu was over and I managed to convince him to help me haul my extremely heavy tree up from the basement and help me get the huge thing set up in its base. NOT an easy task... but it was about a billion times easier with Lusty Lulu's help. Last year, I had to do it all by myself... not awesome. It was a much more enjoyable process this year. Lusty Lulu, being a man, also refused to decorate, but he stuck around and watched tv to keep me company while I put up ornaments.

I always love putting up my ornaments. I have a huge box full of ones that I've had since I was really little. My mom also used to get me an ornament for my birthday every year, so my tree kind of looks like Hallmark threw up all over it. I love going through all the boxes, because a lot of them bring up a lot of memories. Like the red apple ornament. It's just this little apple that someone hand wrote "1990" and "Bernice" on. My mom apparently found it somewhere and it's hung proudly on our tree ever since. I have no idea who Bernice is, but she can rest easy knowing her apple ornament has been loved since she lost it.

On Friday, I finally made it out to get my new ornaments for this year. My mom may have stopped getting me a new one, but I pick something up every year. I usually go to Hallmark, but since it was so late I figured the selection there would be pretty slim, so I went to Target instead. I knew they had some good stuff after shopping earlier in the week with that certain someone, so I was pretty confident I would come away with some good stuff. I ended up getting a lot more than I was planning on. I found a great E initial ornament that I just couldn't pass up. And i picked up a Redskins football - can you believe that this is my first Redskins ornament?! How can that be?! I of course grabbed another UVA ornament, too - can't have too many of those! (I'd like to point out that Target had LOTS of different UVA options, and not one tek ornament was in sight. YAAAAY! Target!!! Officially my new favorite store!) My official new ornament this year was actually a pair because I couldn't see getting one without the other. I found a Grinch ornament with a big heart, and one of his cute dog. So I got both (because really, how do you choose??) and they're now hanging together. YAY for my finished tree :) I'll post pictures once I pull them all off my camera.

I was talking to that certain someone while I was shopping at Target and putting up my new ornaments. He invited me over to watch Rudolph, and I was SUPER excited because that's one of the best Christmas movies ever. The man who hates Christmas then decided that he was going to take me out to Bull Run Park for the Festival of Lights. It's basically this huge display of different Christmas lights that you drive through. YAY! for Christmas lights!!

So I rushed up to Tysons and we headed out to Bull Run Park. We were driving through enjoying the lights (and questioning some of the themes...) when we started to hear gun shots. Lots of gun shots. Not exactly what you expect to hear when you're looking at lights and listening to Christmas music courtesy of 97.1's non-stop holiday playlist. We both started to get a little concerned, as the gun shots seemed to be getting louder and it was pretty constant. Then we rolled past the Bull Run Park gun range. AWESOME. Maybe they should warn people when they buy their tickets that they'll be driving past a gun range and to not be alarmed at the constant gun fire they'll hear while enjoying the lights. But maybe that just makes too much sense....

After enjoying the rest of the Festival of Lights, he took me through the super rich areas around his apartment because at this time last year they were all super decked out for Christmas. Sadly, the rich people have been a little lazy this season, and NONE of them had decorated yet :( Hopefully they'll get off their asses soon, and we can go back and check it all out. I LOVE looking at Christmas lights, and I'm dying to see what the richy riches do to decorate those huge houses they live in.

We ended up back at his apartment and watched Rudolph, which was awesome because it's been a few years since I last saw that movie. Good times!!! :)

The Christmas season has gotten off to a great start :) Now I just need to bake some cookies, try to convince my mom to put up a tree for the first time in a few years, and make it downtown to see the tree by the white house. I didn't get to do that last year and it made me really sad... felt like Christmas wasn't quite complete or something. Hopefully I can go out and see all those huge houses all decorated, too. I'm also trying to convince that certain someone to take me to see the Nutcracker, but I know I've got a snowball's chance in hell of that working out for me... but hey, a girl can try, right? :-P

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