Monday, December 21, 2009

...Just Like The Ones I Used To Know

Ok... so the snow here was out of control! It started probably around 8 or 9 friday night, and didn't stop snowing until around midnight sunday morning - OH EM GEE! When it was all said and done, there was about 22 inches of it sitting on my deck. WOW. It never snows like this in the DC area... what the hell?!

Obviously I was trapped here all day Saturday while it snowed (and snowed, and snowed), which sucked because my baby nephew had rolled into town Friday night. Yesterday during a break from attempting to tunnel my way out of my house, my step dad called and said he would be here in 15 minutes to take me to my nephew - woohoo!!! He picked me up in his wonderful 4 wheel drive truck, and I got to spend a few hours with the little guy before having to come back here to keep shoveling.

Upon my return, I noticed that one of my neighbors had done an incredibly shitty thing. The sidewalks that run along the street/parking lot are community owned, but we're responsible for shoveling the part that runs in front of our lawn. No big deal (well... that's a lie, because I have a lot more sidewalk than most people because I have an end unit). While I was playing with my nephew, my neighbor had been working on digging her car out. One of the hardest things about shoveling 22 inches of snow is trying to figure out where the hell to put all of it. My wonderful neighbor decided to put all of her parking spot snow right on top of the sidewalk that I was responsible for clearing. Ummm.... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! There is no way in hell I'm shoveling the 22 inches I was responsible for in addition to the 1.5 ft she piled on top of it. NO FUCKING WAY. Lusty Lulu and a certain someone told me I should just throw it all back into her parking spot. As wonderfully vindictive as that sounds, it would require me to move all that snow. NOT HAPPENING. If anyone wants to take up an issue with this uncleared part of the sidewalk, they can take it up with her, because I'm not fucking touching it.

I am most certainly paying the price of all the shoveling I did do yesterday. I woke up this morning, and every inch of my upper body is beyond sore, and it hurts to do anything more than blink. I still have to clean off my car and dig it out... not sure how I'm going to accomplish that today. Anyone want to come help? I can make you some fabulous baked goods in exchange for some hard, manual labor. Please?

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